Incertezza Assoluta – 2017 – Hacia Donde

CD Print

This is the first production made by Resiste! for Barcelona’s band Incertezza Assoluta with their first album Hacia Donde, recorded back in 2012 and produced in 2017.

You can listen to it on Incertezza Assoluta website or download the full-length, high-quality, mp3 album for free following this link:

Download Hacia Donde

It’s released under Creative Common License CC-BY-SA 4.0, as written on the back of the CD (-> you can fully reproduce it and even sell it, but only if benefit goes for a social-political cause) and you find in this page all the graphics to be able to print it on your own.


If you want .tiff or originals graphics (made with GIMP) write to:

resiste @ squat . net

A3 Inside Booklet

Price List

Back (inside)

The price list for this release is as follow, and all benefit will go to support prisoners, campaigns or other projects:

  • 1 CD: 5 euros
  • 10 CD: 40 euros (4 euros each)
  • 100 CD: 250euro (2.5 euros each)

For other amounts, please write to:

resiste @ squat . net

T-Shirts and Patches

T-shirts and patches are also available with the logo:

  • T-shirts (white on black): 10 euros
  • Big patches (black on white): 4 euros
  • Small patches (black on white): 2 euros

These prices do not include shipping