Poland: CALL OUT FOR SOLIDARITY with ROD gardens (Reclaim The Fields PL) in Warsaw! [ENG] [FR] [DEU] [PL]

CALL OUT FOR SOLIDARITY with ROD (Radical Allotment Gardens), open letter from gardeners:

We do not agree with the destruction of the ROD gardens!

Warsaw, August 10th 2016

ROD is the name of a community garden project located in Warsaw city, Poland. It is cared for by a collective linked to the European network Reclaim the Fields. RTF opposes itself to land-grabbing in Europe and to the global food market. On the area of abandoned allotment gardens, the collective garden allows for the production of high-quality food, independent energy sources and technologies alternative to those having a destructive impact on our environment. ROD is a horizontaly-organized open space in which knowledge and skills are transferred freely and in an accessible way.

The gardens at ROD are now under threat of destruction by the construction company Dom Development. Dom Development has announced that within 10 days a large part of the area, including all buildings and a wind turbine will be completely demolished. The wind turbine provides clean energy to the project and was built by an international group of artists. The wind turbine has been the subject of workshops on renewable energy at ROD.

Demolition of the tower and turbine has been ordered by PINB (Construction Supervision Authority). However Dom Development has decided itself to cut all trees, destroy all buildings and level the gardens in order to make the area unuseable.

In Warsaw there is a lack of places which distribute information on the global food market and its impact. The existence of groups such as ROD, which promote the idea of food and energy sovereignty as well as local self-government, is very valuable. The ROD collective works hard to freely share their knowledge on a variety of subjects (eg. construction of wind turbines, the production of non-GM seeds, gardening, using recycled materials).

Urbanisation and building development (such as in Warsaws Mokotow district where ROD collective works) may present themselves as progressive; providing living space for the city’s growing population. However office and business spaces take priority over homes and the city expands into the last areas of healthy land.

Urbanisation is not progress!

We do not agree with the mindless destruction of these gardens!

We appeal to leave the ROD area intact!


FB: Reclaim the Fields Polska

Email: radicalallotmentgardens(at)riseup.net

+48 535678796

ROD Collective

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[Fanzine]: Poland – Free the Warsaw Three [ENG] [ESP] [FRA] [DEU] [PL]

On the night of May 23rd, the police in Warsaw arrested three anarchists on charges of an alleged arson attempt of a police vehicle. The three were transferred to a remand prison where they are to be held in custody for three months, awaiting trial. They face up to 8 years in prison. Media frenzy broke out over the arrest in the past few days, with high-ranking politicians and experts on terrorism discussing the matter on TV. Photos and video reruns of the arrested walking with chains around their feet and hands are broadcast on public transportation…

About the three anarchists arrested in Warsaw: 


Sobre los 3 anarquistas detenidos en Varsovia:


A propos des 3 anarchistes arrêtés à Varsovie :


Bezüglich der drei verhafteten Anarchisten in Warschau:


O trzech anarchistach zatrzymanych w Warszawie:

fanzine PL


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Czech Republik: Operación Fenix [ES] [ENG]

Represión policial, anarquistas acusados de preparación de actos terroristas“¡Ninguna represión puede parar el anhelo por la libertad!”Con la ‘Operación Fénix’ tuvo lugar la mayor oleada represiva policial contra anarquistas y el movimiento radical de izquierdas de la historia reciente checa.

Detención de gente en las horas de la madrugada, acusaciones de preparación de actos terroristas y confiscación de un servidor, el cual mantiene varias páginas de activistas, todo esto ocurrió con la ‘Operación Fénix’ la cual comenzó el martes 28 de Abril. La policía anti-extremistas está activamente intentando asustar a los anarquistas y la escena de la izquierda anti-autoritaria y recopilando información durante la pesca.

Esta es nuestra llamada de auxilio a la solidaridad internacional. La policía estableció un embargo informativo durante la operación, aunque algunos detalles han sido filtrados a los medios.

Hoy, jueves 7 de Mayo, todavía hay 3 personas bajo custodia policial. Tres más han sido acusadas de planear actos terroristas y otros delitos graves.

Las tácticas policiales no tendrán éxito. No nos vamos a dejar asustar, continuaremos con nuestra práctica política.

Si deseas ayudarnos, estaremos muy agradecidos con cualquier solidaridad política o económica.

¿Cómo ayudar?
En momentos en los que toda la escena anarquista/izquierda radical está enfrentándose a la represión sistemática en muchas fronteras, cualquier ayuda para suavizar el golpe es más que bienvenida. No queremos organizar una campaña de solidaridad centralizada, sabemos por la experiencia en otros países que las campañas con más éxito fueron descentralizadas, creativas y diversas. Esperamos construir una campaña que sobrepase las fronteras y venga de todas las direcciones.

Aquí dejamos algunas sugerencias, pero por supuesto, hay un sinfí de posibilidades y agradecemos y animamos a la creatividad.

Información y la prensa:
Difunde información sobre la operación Fénix, comparte articulos con nueva información en tu cuenta de redes sociales, informa sobre la situación en tu blog… Pedimos usar #antifenix como una manera de unir la campaña.

Solidaridad política:
Esperamos usar un espectro diverso de presión politica hacia el gobierno checo para frenar la persecución a la escena anarquista/izquierda radical y conseguir la libertad de todos los presos políticos. Planeamos organizar un día de manifestaciones solidarias por los detenidos en la operación Fénix. Más información en breve.

Solidaridad económica:
Los abogados y la ayuda legal son un gran gasto, agradecemos cualquier evento benéfico que podais organizar o cualquier apoyo económico.

IBAN CZ98 0100 0000 0087 6019 0237

mas en castellano: https://antifenix.noblogs.org/post/category/castellano/


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Egypt – In prison solidarity is a weapon [ENG]


Some prisoners of the al-Qanater women’s prison will begin a hunger strike in solidarity with a comrade who is being denied her right to receive visits from her children. This is just the latest episode in a long list of abuses being inflicted on prisoners in Egyptian prisons every day.

Many human rights organizations report on torture inflicted in 42 prisons and 282 detention units (another 16 prisons have been built or are under construction), as well as in secret prisons and intelligence services headquarters.

A member of the parliamentary commission for Human Rights has recently revealed official figures from the prison authority, which put the number of prisoners at 100,000, with 10% political prisoners.

Recent data on the regime’s repression are appalling and explain what has been going on in the country since the military took power (we are only reporting a few figures which you can find here):

– Tens of thousands of prisoners including 3,200 children under the age of 18;

– 42 journalists arrested in 2015 alone;

– 464 forced disappearances in 2015 alone;

– 915 confirmed cases of torture;

– 554 prohibitions from leaving the country since 2013;

– 59 civilians on trial in military courts, 38 death penalties.

Here follows communiqué 1 from the prisoners on hunger strike in the women’s prison of al-Qanater.

#Sostieni-sciopero-Qanater #ادعم_اضراب_القناطر

The Egyptian prison system is based on the assertion that ‘prison alone is not sufficient to take revenge on the Egyptian opposition’. In fact, the time spent in prison, forced disappearances and arrests are not sufficient to challenge the movements that are opposing the system, hence the humiliation of prisoners who are being denied basic human rights are set to continue. Sleep deprivation and lack of decent food are just a few examples of the revenge and harassment occurring in Egyptian prisons, which ooze injustice and obscurity. From the prison of AlAqrab to that of AlAzouly, and in all the police detention units, the ‘doctrine’ is the same, especially after the State plans for the construction of more youth prisons instead of houses.

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Italy, Ventimiglia: hundreds overrun cops and breach the border [ENG]


Update from No Borders Ventimiglia on the events of 4-5th August, translated by Rabble.

Note from Rabble: Hundreds of refugees at any one time have been stuck near the Italian coastal town of Ventimiglia since France introduced border controls with Italy just over a year ago. As in Calais, there is an official, state-sanctioned ‘container camp’ – run by the Red Cross – and a more populous, autonomous camp nearby.

On the night of 4th August 2016, around 300 migrants left the Italian Red Cross Centre in the direction of the French border. The sans-papiers stopped at Balzi Rossi, 50m from the border where there had been the No Border camp last year. Their aim was to leave the Red Cross Centre, demand the opening of the border, and call for the release of a Sudanese man who had been arrested and deported to the Brindisi detention centre.

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Greece: 14 year old refugee girl attempts suicide at Elliniko Immigrant Detention Center [ENG]


A 14 year old refugee girl from Afghanistan was transferred to Evangelismos hospital following a suicide attempt on the 2nd of August. F. has been living in squalid conditions inside the Elliniko Immigrant Detention Center where she has been jailed for the past two months. This state run concentration camp is not only used to confine adult immigrant women, but also children who are sometimes unaccompanied. This inhumane practice of the police is seen as a necessary evil by the Syriza ”rights advocates” due to the complete lack of accommodation for immigrant and refugee children.

These are the same ”rights advocates” who repressed and destroyed occupied buildings providing shelter and support to immigrant/refugee men and women who face hardship in Greece.

Thankfully, F. is doing well now. But there are difficult days ahead of her in the Elliniko ”accommodation” camp where the tents are under the boiling sun among dirt and squalor.

People in solidarity from the South

source:  Athens Indymedia, translated by BlackCat

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USA: Poster for September 9 Nationwide Prisoner Strike against Prison Slavery [ENG]


Text from the poster:

“We are not beasts and we do not intend to be beaten or driven as such… What has happened here is but the sound before the fury of those who are oppressed.”
L. D. Barkley, participant in Attica rebellion

On September 9, 1971, the inmates of Attica Correctional Facility in upstate New York seized control of the prison. The Attica uprising, which lasted for five days, was not the first and certainly not the last prison rebellion. And yet its importance is indelibly marked within the history of the struggle against white supremacy and the prison society we still inhabit today.

In the forty years since Attica, prisons have swelled to bursting with the tragedies of disrupted lives, fractured families, and broken communities. In the last decade, resistance movements have steadily grown behind the prison walls. From the statewide work stoppage in Georgia prisons of 2010 to the hunger strike that spread throughout the California prison system in 2013; from fires lit in I.C.E. detention centers in Texas to riots and prison takeovers in Nebraska and Alabama, prisoners across the country are wide awake and on the move.

This September, prisoners, their families, and supporters on the outside are coordinating a nationwide prisoner strike to take place on the 45th anniversary of the Attica rebellion. This historic effort holds within it the potential to expand and embolden the movement against the horrific conditions of confinement, the prisons themselves and the society that creates them.

Towards the destruction of all prisons and the creation of a free and genuine human community!

Download Poster  Grayscale Version





source:  325

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Greece: We Will Defend Housing Squats [ENG]



The evacuation of squats in Thessaloniki by police, the mass arrests of comrades, the demolition of the Orfanotrofeio (orphanage) building, as well as the organized smear campaign against solidarity to refugees, leave no doubt that: the Tsipras government is a star pupil in the subject of power. The combination of brutality, cynicism, and lies, is the fundamental condition for governance as we know it. The close links with church business is but the theocratic icing on the cake of wretchedness.

The campaign initiated by mayor Kaminis (aided by New Democracy, the media, and minister of police Toskas) shows that Thessaloniki was not an isolated incident, but the beginning of a large scale repressive stack against the movement of solidarity of refugees. Through crass lies (of the variety used on such occasions), an attempt is being made to turn white into black, and to pave the way for repression.

Refugee housing squats are a nuisance to the state apparatus and to networks of power. First of all, because they demonstrate a different approach to social organization and to the individual stand of everyone. Against the dominant “everyone for themselves”,these self organized initiatives make tangible “all for one and one for all”. Against racist segregation and self interest, we propose the unity of the oppressed, offering a helping hand, and selflessness.

Refugee housing squats are even more of a nuisance because they are the successful implementation of a different approach. It is clear that the state plan for providing housing to refugees in camps outside the urban grid has completely and utterly failed. Wretchedness and violence is constantly being created – there have already been four refugee deaths in Elliniko alone… At the same time, the squats prove that refugees can be housed inside the urban grid, under dignified conditions. Where the state failed, self organization has succeeded! The most unequivocal proof of that is the fact that refugees leave the camps and come to live in the squats.

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Greece, Chios: VIAL Refugee Detention Center – “No food, no water” for three days [ENG]


Overall, there are 3000 immigrants and refugees stranded on the island of Chios. In VIAL, which is an ”open prison” for more than 1300 people, complaints regarding the squalid conditions of detention, the bad quality of food and the discriminatory treatment by the police have been recorded since the first day of its operation.

Things became significantly worse after July 28th, when refugees refused to eat any food in protest against the bad quality of the meals provided in the detention centre. A few days later, following the incidents that erupted during the protests and the injury of a police officer from a stone that was thrown, the operators of the detention centre stopped handing out meals.

On the 7th of August refugees contacted volunteers and human rights groups to complain about the situation. The refugees, including hundreds of children, were only being given bread and water. On the 8th of August, the same thing repeated. The refugees wrote messages on the surfaces of containers in a desperate need to communicate and bring their issue to the public eye: “No food, no water”. Complaints among refugees have increasingly become more common.


The first ”normal” meal was provided after three days, on the 9th of August: a mixture of lentils and rice which most people couldn’t eat.

This prompts serious questions: Why was no food given to refugees for three days? Who called for this and who followed those orders? Who is going to be held accountable?

Other complaints concern the discrimination of the police against refugees, mostly those from Northern Africa and this is something members of human rights organizations who have access inside the detention centre have discussed off the record. There were also complaints about the arbitrary actions of the police with the aim to target black people. According to a refugee, forced removals to Souda camp were attempted by the police:

“Υesterday a police come in our room saying we have to get out off that room and go to Souda and we told him no and never. Are black we need to go Souda because blacks are there and we say we don’t want to go nowhere, only Athens that’s all”

This 5-month detention on the island has brought people to their wit’s end.

VIAL has turned into a black hole: nobody knows what goes on inside, volunteers are not allowed to enter the campsite, there is no way to hold the police accountable, other authorities prefer to turn a blind eye and local media are not bothered about the situation. But it is unacceptable to tolerate the existence of a dumping ground for humans. The only solution is to respect the refugees’ demand for freedom.

(via Chios Refugees InfoPoint, translated by BlackCat)


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Czech Republik: Imprisoned vegan anarchist comrade Martin Ignačák birthday – 10 Aug [ENG]

On August 10th Martin will celebrate his already 2nd Birthday behind the bars. You can greet him by making noise behind the wall, sending a letter or any other way you like. Below, there is Martin’s address and bank connection.

In these uneasy times we wish him all the best and sending solidarity

Martinova adresa / Martin’s address:
Martin Ignačák 10.8.1986
V.V. Praha – Pankrác
P.O.BOX – 5
Praha 4
140 57

Bankovní kontakt pro ČR (pouze):
Číslo bankovního účtu: 6015-30929881
Kód banky: 0710
Variabilní symbol: 378100886
Specifický symbol: 5296220101
Ve zprávě pro příjemce nutno uvést: Martin Ignačák 10.8.1986

Bank address of Anarchist Black Cross:
IBAN CZ98 0100 0000 0087 6019 0237


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Kurdistan Region in Turkey: KJA Report – Assaults on Women by the Turkish State in Kurdistan [ENG]

pdf:  KJA-Report-Assaults-on-Women-by-the-Turkish-State-in-Kurdistan

Dear friend,

We are writing to you as the Free Women’s Congress (KJA), the largest umbrella organization for the women in Kurdistan Region in Turkey. KJA brings together the women from political parties, local governments, civil society organisations, unions, media, academy, and local people’s assemblies and communes. Consisting of 501 women delegates, KJA represents women from diverse identity groups, ethnic, faith and cultural backgrounds.

Please find attached the reports prepared by KJA about the assaults on women by the Turkısh State in Kurdistan

Kind regards,

*Kongreya Jinên Azad, Komîsyon a Dîplomasî*
Free Women’s Congress, Diplomacy Commission
Özgür Kadın Kongresi, Diplomasi Komisyonu

Address: Diclekent Mah. 250 Sok. No:21,
Phone: +90 412 237 77 75
*www.kongreyajinenazad.org *

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Switzerland: House searches in Zürich and St. Gallen, july 2016 [ENG] [DEU] [IT]

Received August 4th 2016:

Ding Dong – It’s the State

On Sunday July 10th 2016, it came for another time to house searches in Zürich and St. Gallen. This time it was 3 of these raids. The reason stated on the search warrant that had been authorized through Zürich’s prosecution was “arson, etc.”, as we came to know. In a more detailed explanation of the search warrant it became evident that it was about an alleged incendiary attack on a telecommunication antenna in Waidberg, 8037 Zürich that happened in the night between Saturday and the same Sunday.

While in Zürich the house searches were performed by cops in plain clothing and in uniform, the special forces of St. Gallen used this moment to turn it into a training session: battering ram, balaclavas and machine guns, dozens of wannabe Hollywood-cops, forcing the residents of the raided house to lay on the floor, while rifling every room from top to bottom. Beside their unsatisfying result – in all 3 cases they had to leave with unused handcuffs – they show for another time with this action what the police effectively stand for: the repressive arm of the State, equipped with all means, in order to defend it and to neutralize potential enemies. And in this category fall all those who do not accept an unfailing authority above oneself; those who do not accept to be cut off from society’s wealth, those who do not accept to be alienated, isolated and put under surveillance by technology, while day by day the illusion of unity, happiness and unlimited possibilities are being flaunted.

Should the justification of the search warrant prove itself as factual event, it is essential to defend this attack, which directed against those structures contributing to the transformation of our autonomy into radio signal irradiated slavery. Because every spreading fire needs a spark…

Article translated from the anarchist newspaper of Zürich
„Dissonanz“, n°32, July 20th 2016.

Additional note: In the context of the house searches the police were looking for a specific person, without success. Until July 29th, there was no further news of this person being arrested. We wish to the comrade a lot of strength for his path outside of the clutches of the State.

[DEU] [IT]

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Athens, Greece: Police brutality against Romani children [ENG]

fuck-the-police-revok At 31st of July two Roma children approximately ten years old were hospitalized after having sustained serious head and body injuries. The children are well-known in the wider area between Acropolis, Thiseio and Koukaki, since they play an acordeon and a flute to beg for money in the tourist part of Athens.

The children, Tsipri and Joseph, were previously arrested and booked by cops of the Neos Kosmos police department, along with a young girl. During their detention at the police department the children were punched and kicked by sadist pigs. As a result, one of the children sustained serious injuries and profuse bleeding above the eyes, while the other suffers from pain on the sides and has bruised eyes. People who work locally went to the police station immediately to find out what happened.

Cops said the children were fine at the time of their release, but later returned to the police department bleeding and ”unfairly” blaming the cops. The hospital has initiated ex officio proceedings to investigate the circumstances and the reasons behind the assault. Until Sunday afternoon the officer on duty pretented to be unaware of what had happened at the police department and refused to provide the names of the cops who arrested the children. At the same time, the officer was repeating cynical excuses for the delinquency of the ten year-olds and attempted to blame the whole thing on retribution.

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Netherlands: Mayor issues area bans for anarchists [ENG]

neatherlands At 3-8-2016 several anarchists in the city of The Hague, The Netherlands, but also in other cities, received police visits. The police delivered letters containing the intentions of mayor Jozias van Aartsen to prohibit anarchists from setting foot in the Schilderswijk neighbourhood in The Hague for the coming two months.

The letters stated that the anarchists were to blame for “structural nuisance”. This nuisance would consist of unannounced demonstrations, disturbing of the peace and the disturbing of demonstrations. The letters contain a list of allegations to which people are being associated to or for which they have been arrested. These allegations differ per person. They range from squatting, participation in spontaneous demonstrations, pasting posters and destroying a prison fence. What the anarchists have in common is that they are all active against institutionalized racism, ethnic profiling and the racist The Hague police force. All of them were also preemptively arrested on the 27th of June, after a demonstration commemorating Mitch Henriquez who was murdered by police last year.

The letter also states that “there was a presence of people associated with Anti-Fascist Action (AFA)” during the four nights of rioting last year after the police murder on Mitch Henriquez, and that they “had an inciting and catalyzing role in escalating the demonstration to the point of a riot”. It is also claimed that people linked to AFA “have breached the peace multiple times in the Schilderswijk”.

That the contents of these letters is mainly based on presumptions and vague accusations does not surprise us. Neither does the fact that a lot of these accusations have themselves been dropped by the public prosecutor because they were simply not concrete enough for a prosecution. The accumulation of loose and distant events, the speculation and framing of anarchists is nothing new. We can see this happening in a wider international context against anarchists in Brussels, Spain and Italy, where they are being accused for being members of “subversive” or “terrorist” organisations.

In The Hague repression is nothing new. Besides all the preemptive arrests, the stalking of anarchists on the streets and the attempts of infiltration, an eight week jail sentence was demanded for a comrade who was suspected of pasting an Anarchist Wallpaper.

How many people have had their movement restricted is still uncertain. This is because the police is still searching for people to whom they have to deliver the letter. The juridical grounds on which this area ban is based is the so called “Football Law” (art. 172a) which came into effect in 2010. It was meant to be used during football matches to restrict the movement of “hooligans”. This is the first time it has been used against activists and anarchists.

The public prosecutor announced that there will be a decision whether the police officers who murdered Mitch Henriquez will be prosecuted by the end of the summer. Again it comes as no surprise that the restriction of movement continues until the end of summer.

We will continue our struggle for freedom and anarchy. No restrictions, police or scum like mayor Jozias van Aartsen will stop us in this.

Long live Anarchy!

source: autonomendenhaag.wordpress.com

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Week of International Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners August 23-30 [ENG]


Received on 07.08.16:

Week of International Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners August 23-30

This international week of solidarity has been called to express solidarity with anarchists imprisoned by the state in many places of the world.

Let’s set alight the quiet nights and express our solidarity with our siblings and comrades by shaping our praxis of attacking, sabotage, destroying and setting fire to everything that controls us, that indoctrinates us and herds us and makes us places, or tricks us into passivity.

When faced with imprisonment, there is no place for resignation, only for the unbreakable desire to see the world burn!


source: insurrectionnewsworldwide.com

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Poland, Warsaw: Reclaim the Fields and news from the ROD GARDENS (in connection with new anti-terrorism law) [ENG] [DEU] [FR] [PL]


Thank you to all who wrote in the last months in support of the gardens, sorry we were not able to respond quicker with an update! The work is continuing in the gardens at ROD, as we also spend time supporting imprisoned friends and co-gardeners. We are very concerned for their wellbeing. On May 23rd 2016 three anarchists from Warsaw were arrested and accused of terrorist activitiies. They face 6 months to 8 years of jail. The prosecution held them in custody for 3 months which may be automatically prolonged. All three are detained in isolation and denied the right to communicate with relatives. During the first week of detention none of them had access to a lawyer and there were signs of physical abuse on their bodies. more info on the arrest and details of support in various languages:



These arrests happened just as the government was taking steps too impliment a NEW ANTI TERRORIST ACT. Significantly on 10th, 23rd and 30th May in various Polish cities a series of false bomb alarms took place, leading to evacuation of sites such as editorial offices of media and television, shopping centers, and banks. The law was signed into force on the 22nd June 2016. The Polish government claimed that the new Anti-terrorism Law was necessary in order to increase coordination of the intelligence agencies and prepare for potential security threats related to the the upcoming NATO summit (July 2016) and World Youth Day (June 2016). more info on the Anti Terrorism Act:

https://resiste.squat.net/?p=3384 https://en.panoptykon.org/articles/poland-adopted-controversial-anti-terrorism-law

Repression against the anarchist movement in Poland is rising. Also on May 23rd the police visited ROD four times. Since then, the collective is harassed by uniformed police (weekly visits). In Krakow, police searched the apartment and questioned a person who set up a social media site ridiculing inflated police accusations. In Warsaw information is circulating about police bothering people associated with the movement, and increased surveillance of anarchist spaces. At ROD we are continuing as best we can with the project. We are working in the gardens, although on a smaller scale than imagined at the start of the season. We have not had the energy to do all the projects we had thought about – especialy in relation to the local area and neighbourhood. We are happy for anyone who is passing by and has some time to help us with the gardens and building work. We still talk about the idea of organising a free food market in the local area! We have completed building a windturbine which provides now some energy and we are planning on installing some solar panels as well. We have also started to save a good ammount of seed to share and for next year. Other news from Poland includes… ABORTION BAN: a call from Polish Catholic bishops May 2016 for a full ban on abortion. The right wing, national-conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party, which came to power in October 2015, plans to tighten regulations to bring them into line with the Catholic Church’s teachings. There have been Pro Choice demonstrations in reaction to this. PiS leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski told reporters that as a Catholic, he had to follow the bishops’ call. PiS also plans to reinstate a prescription requirement for ‘morning after’ emergency contraceptive pills. The party has a majority in parliament, and Kaczynski’s influence means that the party’s lawmakers tend to follow his cue. Prime Minister Beata Szydlo also expressed support for a ban. POLISH SMALL FARMERS: farmers along with NGOs such as ICPPC


are protesting the sale of land in Poland to international buyers. They are also running anti GMO campaigns and a campaign called ‘Direct From the Farmer’. They have released a Charter for Real Food surrported by Via Campesina. Up until now the sale of on-farm processed foods was illegal unless farmers established their operations as a separate business and in a separate hygienically sanitised building; this is unaffordable to most small farmers whose farms are between 3 and 10 hectares. Actions so far have included tractor blockades mostly in north west of the country,petitions and illegal farmers markets. Some farmers were arrested during these actions but have since been released:


These campaigns have had some success. Unfortunatly the ICPPC are very happy to work with the Law and Justice (PiS) party and leader Kaczynski…which are openly homophobic.


ROD, Radicall Allotment Gardens, Warsaw: Wind Turibine in troubles !

turbina rod

On the morning of 4th Aug 2016, representatives of building development company Dom Development came to ROD gardens. They cut the lock on the door and entered without informing the gardeners of their arrival. Gardeners asked them why they were there. They said PINB (Powiatowy Inspektor Nadzoru Budowlanego – District Construction Supervision Inspector) had sent them written notice that they need to destroy an unauthorised building. They identified this building as the wind turbine and tower. The said it would be demolished in 1 week!

The wind turbine is an important part of the ROD gardens. ROD gardens
are working to grow good food in Warsaw city centre. The wind turbine
provides clean energy to the project. It was carefully and safely built using high quality recycled materials. The wind turbine itself is made from a recycled washing machine. This construction was the subject of the Szkoła Ogrodników Miejskich (Urban Garden School) 2016. People came to learn how the wind turbine works and had been built. The workshop shared knowledge of renewable energy and basic building skills.

Now Dom Development claim that they must destroy the construction.

If you have experience with PINB and planing permission in Warsaw please
contact us.

Keep your ears open for more updates.

Save the Wind Turbine!

turbina rod 2


[DEU] [FR] [PL]

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Espana: IX Encuentro del Libro Anarquista de Salamanca- Sabado 13 de Agosoto 2016- Plaza de barcelona-Salamanca [ES]

Saludos Continúa el *Encuentro del libro Anarquista de Salamanca* , con esta *novena edición* pretendemos continuar construyendo un espacio de acción y teoría que poco a poco se a consolidado dentro de la red anual de ferias de libros que se organizan en la península ibérica e islas y que tu tomes parte en los actos. *Os invitamos a participar en esta novena edición de la feria y que os paséis un día por Salamanca, en un fenomenal ambiente: cultural, solidario y libertario.* Continuamos con interés de seguir apoyando a las *distribuidoras, librerías y editoriales alternativas* que ayudan a poner en contacto a grupos y personas dispersas que necesitamos de la comunicación con lxs otrxs para poner en común nuestras reflexiones, acciones, creaciones, intercambio de material… Seguimos siendo una asamblea abierta horizontal, compuesta por personas pertenecientes a organizaciones y colectivos anarquistas de Salamanca y ciudades de alrededor. Entendemos la distribución anticomercial como una herramienta necesaria para difundir un ideal, para crear conciencia, debate, transformación social, de manera autogestionada, sin los condicionantes estéticos e ideológicos que impone el mercado comercial, creando nosotrxs mismxs un espacio propio, libre de la lógica del mercado. No nos mueve el beneficio, ni el éxito, ni la competencia, y con nuestro trabajo apoyamos las luchas sociales que ponen en cuestión el orden dominante. Promovemos una difusión cultural de hacer las cosas con tus propios medios y dejando los costes de los materiales lo más asequible posible. Para este año repetimos espacio, Plaza de Barcelona (junto a la estación de tren) donde se desarrollaran todas las actividades del encuentro y la feria de distribuidoras, librerias, editoriales, colectivos,… *Tienes una distribuidora, librería o editorial, ¿Cómo puedes participar?:* Este Encuentro se desarrollará en la calle en el mes de Agosto, las presentaciones de libros, recitales y comidas. Los puestos de las distribuidoras estarán a pié de calle, con sombra y amplio sitio, aunque queremos avisaros para que no existan problemas, que agradeceríamos que tengáis encuenta que el material que traigáis posea alguno de los siguientes criterios:, material autoeditado, material descatalogado o antiguo, de editoriales extintas o difícil de encontrar, publicaciones de editoriales que no asistan a la feria o en representación de ellas; y preferiblemente sea: libros, folletos, revistas y material impreso (tema de discos de música y camisetas no abusar) y aunque seas una distribuidora que ha comenzado con material a deposito tambien te animamos a participar.Damos este detalle para entender que los compas de las editoriales si asisten darles asi la facilidad que probablemente disponga de más copias para mover. Desde la organización se va a intentar conseguir el mayor número de mesas posibles para montar los puestos, pero si alguno traéis alguna propia será bien recibida. Continue reading

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Turkey: About the attempted military coup in Turkey KKE [ENG]


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Belarus: Anarchist report about prison hierarchy and conditions by comrade Mikalay Dziadok [ENG]

Belarusian prison – Untouchables in the prison hierarchy

The topic of prison caste system is often raised in the media in recent times, it is often discussed in connection with the political prisoners. However, almost all who write on the subject, know about it at best from the stories of former inmates or use common social stereotypes. As a result, there are often a lot of blunders and false representation.

The aim of this article is to illuminate some aspects of this complex and multifaceted phenomenon the informal hierarchy in Belarus prisons.

27 years old, an activist of the anarchist movement. He was born in the town of Bragin, Gomel region. He graduated from the Belarusian State University College of Law, worked as a judicial custodian in the court of Tsentralny district of Minsk and legal adviser in a private company. In 2009 he entered the European Humanities University (Vilnius) specializing in Political Science and European Studies. On September 201, he was detained in Minsk on suspicion of the attack on the embassy of Russia. He was convicted of participation in a protest actions near the General Staff, the House of Trade Unions and the casino “Shangri-La” in the “case of anarchists“, he received 4.5 years prison sentence. Three months before his release he was sentenced to another year of imprisonment under Art. 411 of the Criminal Code (willful disobedience to prison administration). Released on August 22, 2015 by presidential decree “On presidential pardon” (he did not write a petition for clemency, although it was repeatedly offered). Now he is a first year student at the European Humanities University, specializing in world politics and economics.

There are scientific works on this subject. And, of course, I do not aspire to consider the phenomenon in all its diversity in one article. The question will be mainly about one prison caste, the existence of which characterizes the system as a whole, and the knowledge of which is critically important for any falling prisoner in Belarus, especially for a political prisoner. The so-called “petukhi” (“roosters”) ( also “downcast”, “bugger”, “cockscomb”, etc.).

So, from this text, you will learn:

– How did the “downcast” appear in prison;

– How do people become one;

– What are conditions of these people in jail and prison;

– What functions are performed by these people in prison;

– Why is the existence of this caste vital for the administration of penitentiary facilities.

Part 1. Blatnoy, muzhik, kozel and petukhi
How did the cast of “petukhi” appear»

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Turkey: 11 riot police killed in Trabzon [ENG]

The Joint Command of Peoples’ United Revolutionary Movement (HBDH) has released a statement claiming responsibility for the action that targeted riot police in Maçka district of Trabzon at 08:30 on 19 July.

HBDH militants hit a group of 15 riot police effectively, which left 11 among them dead and others wounded. During the same hours, the building of Police Directorate was also hit with automatic weapons.

HBDH Joint Command said the action was carried out in memory of July 14 Resistance Martyrs and to mark the anniversary of the Suruç massacre. The statement added that fascist mobs attacked the Kurdish locals in the wake of the action.

souce: signalfire.org

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Call for an International Action Day against Feminicide of Yazidi Women [ENG]

3 August 2016 marks the 2nd anniversary of the Feminicide and Genocide by Islamic State (IS) against Yazidi people in Sinjar/Shengal. On 3 August 2014 IS attacked and captured Sinjar, which is the historical homeland of Yazidis, a Kurdish religious minority whose ancient religion is linked to Zoroastrianism. IS destroyed Yazidi shrines, executed resisters and demanded the residents to swear allegiance or be killed. During the IS-massacre in Sinjar up to 5.000 Yazidis were executed. Almost 200.000 people managed to flee. 50.000 Yazidis fled into the Sinjar Montains, where they were trapped without food, water or medical care, facing starvation and dehydration.

At the same time approximately 5.000 Yazidi women and children were captured. They were appropriated as spoils of war and sold as sex slaves to Muslim men or given to IS commanders. Those who refuse to convert were tortured, raped and eventually murdered. Babies born in the prison where the women are held were taken from their mothers to an unknown fate. Women allegedly raped by IS fighters have committed suicide by jumping to their death from Mount Sinjar. While a high number of women managed to flee or could be liberated, approximately some 3.000 women are still in IS captivity.

While the campaign of IS against Yazidi people often is described as a massacre, it shows all characteristics of genocide. But additionally IS is carrying out acts of feminicide. Kidnapping of Yazidi women as spoils of war, enslavement, systematically rape, forced conversion are not only parts of a systematically war against women, but feminicide.

Yazidi people, especially women in Sinjar answered the acts of genocide and feminicide by IS through self-organisation and self-defence. Today Mount Sinjar marks the centre of Yazidi self-organisation through self-defence units, people’s and women’s councils as expression of their collective will.

But the IS-threat on the Yazidi people in Sinjar is continuing. And still countless women remain in the hands of IS. For their liberation national and international action and solidarity is needed.
Also the UN Special Commission declared in its report released on 16 June 2016 that the incidents that happened in Sinjar amount to genocide and a crime against humanity. We will continue our struggle until the responsible are tried and pay for their crimes.

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