Barcelona: Exposicion de arte solidaria con lxs WAWA3 – 03/12/2016 @ Pula Vida [CAS]


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HMP Pentonville: Two prisoners escape using cutting equipment & mannequins [ENG]

ucieczka smieszna

It is with great humor that we report that two prisoners at Pentonville prison in London have broken out yesterday night in an escalating series of events in the prison island. The inmates totally fooled the screws on duty that night by using pillows to make mannequins to impersonate themselves, then used a diamond-tipped cutting machine (most likely sneaked in by drone*) to cut the metal bars and scaled the wall by using the classic method of tying bed sheets together to make a rope.

The latest development emerged after a riot at another prison, HMP Bedford, on Sunday, which was put down after a six hour assault by cops. Two hundred prisoners have had to be transferred after they made the prison inhabitable.


* Remote controlled drones are used to sneak illegal items into prisoners up and down the prison island.


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Czech Republik : Defense of the anarchist perspective [ENG]

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We decided to publish an English translation of an article written by Lukas in October 2015. Lukas described why went underground and his opinion about solidarity and legal vs illegal actions. For sure Lukas would love to hear your thoughts on this topic, so feel free to send him a letter with your opinion. Just try to choose simple terms, because he just started to learn English.

Defense of the anarchist perspective

I have already described my suspicions about police chasing me. To avoid it I live out of their reach but conscious that anyways I can end up in prison soon. I wish this text would be spread with all the info channels of the anarchist movement already. I want to take any chance to publish without a censorship receive the reactions and to answer them.

To aim anger the right direction

When the police imprison some anarchists or search for those who are hiding, it takes usually long time to find out what they actually want to publish about them, their actions or opinions. I’ve been active in the anarchistic movement quite a long time so most of the people know. Even though I’d like to point out few things so there wouldn’t be any misunderstanding in case the police would imprison me for real.

In the first place if the police will want to or will imprison me it won’t be any other aim than to silent a critical voice and to eliminate an anticapitalist struggle connected with it. If they want to accuse me for whatever they want, I won’t be ever blaming other anarchists. The persecution of anarchists is always carried out by the state and its executive authorities. My anger will aim always towards those but not any other anarchists who are involved in the illegal direct actions.

I often heard the zany opinion that the repressions are the outcome of the irresponsible actions of some anarchists. This attitude grows conviction that we can protect ourselves from the repressions if we remain aloof from their militant tactics and won’t be sharing the informations about them. Unfortunately, this illusion is typical for a big part of the anarchistic movement in Czech. I don’t follow this. The events of the past months assured me that the repression is affecting also those who are trying to remain aloof from the militant and illegal activities in the movement.
The repression is an integral part of a state and it is threatening every anarchist because of the simple fact that every anarchist is against all states. The repressive apparatus doesn’t need anything else for persecution. This one is good enough – the anarchists aim to abolish state so the state wants to eliminate them. Every anarchist is then potentially a target for repression. Constantly.

I am convinced that the question about who is going to be the target of repressions is not crucial if the one is taking part in militant groups or is not. If he is defending or criticizing them. If he is sharing the informations about illegal tactics or not. If it is strategic for the state, it will attack anyone just to defend itself or to push some forms of government. Even if there wouldn’t be any groups like SRB (Network of revolutionary cells), EA, FAI, CCF or ALF and there wouldn’t be any groups willing to share their communiqués, there would still be a permanent threat of repressions towards every anarchist.

No doubt the repressive apparatus can very skillfully exploited the existence of support of the militant groups to intensify repressions towards all the movement. Including its non militant fractions. It is clear the repressions can show up even during time when no militants in particular country exists. In some countries there are people imprisoned for membership in projects very similar to NGO’s as we know it. In others also for journalism witch is not far from the Czech mainstream medias. Let’s remember also Pussy Riot who were imprisoned for a music show. The state didn’t need any militant organizations to increase the repressions. It anyways found its reasons. Also the Czech state did that in past. Let’s remember the raid in music club Propast or a pursuit of anarchist Petr Wolhmut for made-up story about his participation in the assassination. Let’s also remember a pursuit of Michal Patera, who defend himself by a legally owned weapon from an attack of a neo-nazists. And also let’s remember the intensive police brutality during many antifascist demonstrations and at the protests against IMF and WB in Prague. Also it is good to recall the case of Roman Smetana who was imprisoned for the symbolic protest against the party politics. Let’s not forget that all these repressions went on while no such groups as SRB haven’t operated in Czech yet. Who’s fault in these cases is it then? The provider’s of the club? The organizations’s who are publishing texts about assassination of Heydrich? The antifascists’s who are fighting back the neo-nazis? Protesters’s who was trying to disrupt the meeting of the IMF and WB? it would all be absurd as well as to blame SRB from starting the repressions.

Shortly, it is police who are doing the repressive steps not fighting anarchists. If it fits to police strategy it always finds the reason for the repressions. Once they use the existing insurrectionary groups, next time they will make up some where none exists. They can find any other excuse as it is obvious from the examples I gave. But even if the excuses are made from gold it shouldn’t lead us to a conclusion that to distance from the militant actions will save us from the repressive actions of the state. As the last months are showing us, the police can come any time for anyone from any reasons. For a militant as for a pacifist. For a revolutionary anarchist as for an autonom. For an anarchosyndicalist as for a squatter. For a sympathizer or a critique of SRB. Shortly for everyone who wish for the end of capitalism. To distance himself from SRB maybe makes one feel save but it is one big self-deceit. The repressions can easily also affect him. Not because of SRB though but because the state does what is its historical role. It protects the capitalist order from the intruders. From the anarchists and other rebels.

The repressions are always fitting to the state strategy and it can show up in many ways according to the circumstances. If the anarchist movement has a meaningless power, the repressions are usually milder. It is the same if it is temporarily disadvantageous for the state to show its aggressive nature. For example before the elections when the critique of the authoritarian regime usually grows. If the power of anarchistic movement grows, also the police repressions grows as well so it could stop the movement. The same can happen if the mood in the society is open to more authoritarian forms of government and the ruling class is trying populistically proof it is able to use such government. But the repressions can also grow or decline from other strategic reasons.

The repression and its intensity

There were times when the anti anarchist repressions in Czech comparing to other countries had very low intensity. The anarchist movement was marginal and didn’t mean a decent danger for the state so there was no reason for persecution. No one wants to be a target of state repressions but I suppose as anarchist we don’t want to stay in this marginal position neither. If we want to mean a danger for the state – to be a fighting anarchists, there is no other choice than reconcile with the option of a strong repressions. To fight against the state and think it will not fight back strongly is a very naive position. I don’t follow this. Also what I don’t follow is the idea that the responsibility for the recent repressions in Czech holds The SRB. To distance from SRB with a statement that it brings the repression towards those who don’t support SRB is really a perverse opinion. As far off as to criticize the initiators of a sit-down strike for bringing repressions of the bosses up to other workers or even the consumers who are not involved in the strike. These opinions I see as absolute misunderstanding of what state stands for and why are all anarchists and other proletarians always victims of its repressive strategies. In whatever times and at whatever place. With SRB and without it.

The reaction to the fight against the state is fighting back. This should not surprise us. Nor it shouldn’t lead to judge the anarchists fight instead of its expansion. If there is no repression it only means there is no movement to stand as the opposition. Honestly, I’d rather reconcile with the need to deal with a strong state repressions than with a fact that we are such insignificant strength which is not worth to keep down.

The legal and illegal fights

If the anarchistic movement wants to be a social strength which is able to stand against the state it has to inevitable solve the questions of legal and illegal. I will try to show how I see these.

In the first place I think it is crucial for the anarchistic movement to go beyond the frame of moral anticapitalism, which is outraged by capitalism but its structures and relations leaves without a change. We have to go beyond the experience which criticize capitalism and the state but in its fight is primarily rely on the institutions made by the state to defend itself – to the legal institutional tools. The courts, legislation, police, The “independent” commissions and offices, referendum, petitions and other democratic procedures or institutions. It is all part of the capitalistic infrastructure. Of course, I am not saying these can’t sometimes make a situation easier or softer. I’m saying that to rely on these means – consciously or unconsciously – to fortifying construction which we anarchists want to destroy.

Change of a law or a forgiving sentence of a judge it both can bring a big relief. Yes, even to an anarchist who is accused in front of a court or to a squatter who will get a permission to use a house illegally squatted before. We cannot forget the essentials. Every “helpful” or “indulgent” step of the state institutions is a part of a pacifying and integration strategy. The state is not giving us anything just for our sake. It always makes deals. And what we pay for its “services” is incomparably more valuable than what we are getting. If the state makes us pacified and controllable, if it makes us turn away from our radicalism and militancy, if the militant fight is transformed into a moderate civil activism, then the state is willing to sacrifice a lot for us. It will guarantee the free speech and gathering, some of the changing the laws, softer penalties, less brutal police force and even lowering the intensity of the repressions. It is serving us illusions of democratic right and freedom so it assure its duration. To justify supremacy and keep away those below from rebellion. Tolerance and indulgence which state show us from time to time is a part of the plan how to neutralize opposition. Those who eat the bait will lower their impact toward the state.

I believe though that as anarchists we shouldn’t hope for world of fair courts, good laws and police serving ordinary people. We should wish for the world without these. For the world without prison and not just the ones from concrete, steel and barbed wire. There is other prisons than that. Those where the bars in the windows are replaced by stifling social conventions. Prison where instead of prison guards there are morality laced by thread of the bourgeois ideology.

The capitalist society is a specific kind of a worldwide prison. Whether we stand in front of the bars or we are forced to spend some time of our lives behind those, it is not possible to escape this prison reality. We are part of it by force. Then we have just two options. We succumb, become compliant and passively accept the status of a prisoner. Or we can accept the status of uncontrollable subversive elements who are attacking the jailers and the whole power apparatus. I choose the second one. Whether I stand in front or behind the bars, I am prepared to face the mentality of the jailers and the imprisoned ones. That definitely means to go far behind the limits of legality.

I am sure you can be an anarchist and at the same time stay at the legal position which is not pursuitable by the state power. Whether you act only on the legal level and then you are no threat to capitalism or you decide to have the subversive position towards the capitalism. That usually means to bypass the capitalistic rules, conventions and laws. To go beyond the legality is necessary premise for expansion of the anarchistic practice. I openly say I act according to this.

Only a very naive creature can think that the capitalism will fall down without going beyond the law by those who confront it. All the fights against slavery, nazism or stalinism could be successful at some point only because the people standing against went on despite the systems were labeling them as criminals and according to this also treated them.

But I’m not saying the illegal methods are the only part of the anarchistic fight. Those who know me well know that besides my defense of the illegalism I am involved in many legal activities. I never put those two sides in opposition but tried to build up a bridge to connect them. I always emphasize the need of interpenetration of legal and illegal. Legal picket can be as legitimate as a sabotage. If we combine the fights well they can help to amplify the struggle. In its quantity and also quality.

I don’t see the real contrast between legal and illegal but between direct and indirect actions, between the activity with a subversion potential and the reformist ravings. I’m trying to point out that the legal direct actions are very important but in a loneliness it is totally not enough. Basically it creates just one important part of the revolutionary movement.

I think that targeted separation of the legal and illegal struggles is leading to destabilize the whole movement. The illegal ones without the support of the legal ones are pushed to the edge and to isolation. The legal struggles without the illegal ones on the other hand just degenerate into a radical democratism which is just a harmless and tolerated phenomenon for capitalism. Then what I say is that the only condition under we can succeed is to combine all the important legal and illegal activities. If we don’t accept this and don’t act in order of this is one big failure itself.

The solidarity

I would like to bring back that one of the reason s to write this text is my effort to write down some of my thoughts in advance in case of ending up in hands of the state which would put me in jail. The reality is usually the pigs trying hard to stop the circulation of all the important thoughts, texts and calls. By this I try to not make easier their dirty jobs.

There may be many excuses for my arrest. It can be build on real and unreal grounding. But it can also be a mixture of absurd constructs and provocations, similar to those they used in Fenix operation. No matter what they will want to accuse me from, I want one thing to be clear. I never regret anything what i did in frames of my anarchistic struggle in my past. I always chose the methods I considered adequate to the situation and context. I did use also some illegal ones. And I take my political and private responsibility for that. I don’t doubt their rightness and acquisition for the anticapitalist struggle. Of course I won’t make it any easier to our enemies to show what and when I did use the illegal methods.

Anyways the police can use my defense of the illegal actions or my illegal activities as an excuse to imprison me. If that happens maybe someone will doubt what kind of solidarity actions would be (un)suitable. I think an important solidarity action (and not just towards me) is the one which is not tight up by a dilemma if to act legally or illegally, violently or peacefully. Please fight by words and power. With a pen or weapons. Don’t take the moralistic judgements of your enemies. They will call us extremists, vandals, terrorists, dangerous elements or crazy adventurers. Do

n’t let them to digest or immobilize us. The revolutionary solidarity means that we continue in our anti capitalistic fights and continue being parts of it. No matter which side of the bars we stand. No matter if we live legally unhidden or if the repressive force are making us to live in clandestinity.

I am sure you will be able to choose places, time and means for the solidarity actions. Please, act by all means which can contribute to the anarchistic communism. I am trying to do so now and I will do it even if they will put me in jail.

Lukáš Borl, october 2015

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Poland: Letters from two of the warsaw three [ENG] [PL]

1 –>

To be perfectly honest (that is to the extent the situation allows it), I have to admit and confess doing something I feel ashamed about. In the days following my getting arrested, I called empathy and solidarity in question: I who have shouted on so many occasions that “Solidarity is Our Weapon!”. I answered the first letter that reached me with aggression. I want to apologize to all those who have fallen „victim” to my taking my anger out – this was the case with a couple of exchanges in the beginning. I also want to apologize to anyone who has faced hardship or bad consequences due to my case. I feel forever grateful and indebted to those who have been writing, collecting, speaking, remembering. It’s thanks to you that I’m here now, with my family and my close ones. Thank you.
While in prison, I reached a state in which it didn’t seem to matter when, and if, I’d ever leave the inside. The lack of any kind of conversation with another person or closeness: these are the reasons, I think, for my doubting that solidarity we’ve been fighting for. What happened to me made me realize truly what Solidarity is. It’s about one person helping another, and being there for someone even if you don’t know them.
I’d like to be able to meet everyone who have taken interest in this case and answer any questions, to tell the story from my perspective. Sadly, I cannot do so until the case is closed. We all have to remember though, that we’ll most probably never know the whole truth about it.
It’s only now I’m receiving all the letters and cards. In prison, I got three out of the forty that had been sent. Only now am I learning about all the solidarity actions throughout Europe: Russia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Germany, France, UK, Spain, Italy. I answer the letters I can answer, I thank the people I get to see. I know there are lots and lots of people who did not know me and still helped, and that I will most likely never meet them or be able to thank them in person for what they’d done for me. If this message should reach you somehow – thank you.
It’s thanks to those who were there for me that I held it out psychologically. Solitary cell, cameras over the bed, under the shower, in the toilet. Before leaving the cell at any one time, one has to strip naked. Contact allowed only with the wardens. Two books per week. Red clothes and hands always cuffed behind the back when outside the cell. The air vent keeping me awake. No intimacy, no talking, no companionship. Thanks to those rare letters I knew there was someone out there, waiting and not forgetting.
Thank you so much again and see you, I hope.
Solidarity Is Our Weapon!

One of the Three

2 –>

On the „N” cell (maximum security) one doesn’t get much contact with the outside world. Its easy to fall into paranoia and delusions. You can turn on the radio, with auditions choosen by the administration. But for us , who act with the political motive program on the radio eska or vox is not very satisfactory, and in my case eska only intensified states of depression. I do not know if it is appropriate to start on a humorous note. But I came back from prison, and its like coming back from another planet, where You were stuck not knowing for how long, in the midst of the environment and the phenomenons that You have zero control over.
In such isolation, as an „N” cell, a person can only rely on faith and hope. This is torment for someone who is trying to see the world rationally. These terms do not belong to scientific world. Faith and hope do not require critical thinking, are hostile to it. Someone who believes, doesn’t doubt. Faith can justify everything, every crime, every falsehood. But there are some situations when you are left with just faith. For me it was the belief in solidarity. I held to it tightly to fight with a sense of hopeless loneliness.
There will be time to discuss all the events deeper. In fact, the situation (contrary to what many assume) is not just about the three of us and attempt to set one or two police cars ablaze. Surveillance done by the police and secret services, is ranging on a much larger scale, at least nationwide, and cooperation with the services of other countries can’t be ruled out neither. This is the first thing i would like You all to be aware of. Repression often do not need to touch us directly, may affect our loved ones. Currently, it does not seem that we have any other way except through solidarity to build structures that are capable of rapid and effective response to upcoming reprisals. Despite the different topics covered on a daily basis by various individuals and groups. The police and services do not bother to dispute whether the actions are “more or less” legal. Showing solidarity, we must work together, no matter what social issues and forms of struggle are our main field. I realized this for real in the slammer, and that this solidarity was the object of my faith and hope. I was not disappointed. Response, not only Polish, but from all over Europe (I have to confess) exceeded my expectations. Help and words of support came not only from Warsaw, Krakow, Lublin, Poznan, or Jaworzno but also France, Germany, Greece, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Lithuania and Russia. To be clear – in prison I did not receive even 10% of the letters sent to me. There were dozens of them, I got a few. For two months I didn’t receive any messages, only information from the prosecutor’s office about the refusal of visit.
It is thanks to support from all over Europe (and the sluggishness of the public prosecutor) how I got out of jail. Thank you. But this is not the end of the warsaw three case, nor the end of the activities of the state aimed at us. We can’t be intimidated, abandon activities inspired by our ideas. Prepare for an increased wave of repression to which the state already secured their legal tools. Already there were attempts to blackmail, intimidate or expulse our friends. We will be easily shattered and divided, if we do not feel confident that in the difficult situation of conflict with the state, we can count on the support and solidarity. Regardless of the level of personal relations or familiarity. Let’s inform each other when all sorts of services harrass us, our friends, or families. Publicize every such a case, trust in help, support, and solidarity. Above all, show it.
This letter doesn’t say much about things, that You all probably want to find out. There will be time for that. This letter is a „thank You”, to all and each, who have showed solidarity, wrote letters, collected money, spoke about the case in the country or internationally. Its a „thank You”, to those who corrected punctuation in texts, did page, translated articles, drove through Europe organizing fundraisers. Especially to those few people who have devoted every spare moment to think about us, who have spared no action, often having to stand in the difficult situation of inside conflict and risking the loss of others sympathy, make hard decisions just to help us get out of prison. This small group has been successful. It pulled us out of jail doing a tremendous job. I will never forget that. You turned the defeat into victory (even if it was just one of the many battles that we will have to fight in the future).
Freedom! Equality! Mutual Aid! – Always.


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Poland : Free Ameer Alkhawlany! [ENG]

AMEER freeIraqi Phd student continues to be held in detention in Poland, facing deportation as a threat to national security.

Ameer Alkhawlany is a doctoral student in biology who lives in Cracow, and comes from Iraq. He has been also a victim of a deadly combination of ineptness and racism of the Polish authorities. For the last month Ameer has been detained in custody for foreigners and faces deportation. The reason for his arrest is yet to be given, and we can only speculate that it has something to do with his refusal to collaborate with the Polish Internal Security Agency (ABW). Its agents approached him before the Pope’s visit to Poland in August and wanted him to infiltrate the Muslim community within Polish cities. Only massive pressure on the authorities can now make the innocent student get out of arrest and avoid being expelled from the country he chose to live and study in.

In June this year the Polish government introduced a very harsh Anti-Terrorist Law according to which people can be arrested without providing a reason or pressing any charges, and kept in detention for up to two weeks. It’s particularly dangerous to foreigners: The Law on Foreigners allows the authorities to prolong their detention and to deport them while keeping the reason for these measures secret, ‘if it is of importance to public order, defence or security’. Needless to say, the foreigners in danger originate mostly from the Middle East, Caucasus and Central Asia. As newcomers from Muslim majority countries to Poland are usually students or academics on exchange, the media report of many cases where they were approached and blackmailed by the secret service forcing them to collaborate.

All this is happening in a country where the lack of any serious danger to public security forces the authorities to desperately look for “acts of terror”, from which they must protect the population. Recently, the most serious “terrorist attacks” in this sense were: an inept explosion of a home-made bomb prepared by an alienated individual of Polish origin and right-wing political views, and a devastation of two empty police cars. Unfortunately, this is also happening in a country where xenophobic hysteria is reaching unprecedented levels, where racist attacks take place every day, and where the authorities from the Law and Justice party (PiS) are not ashamed to cooperate with far-right organisations on both local and national level. The anti-Muslim frenzy known from most European countries is in the Polish case particularly preposterous, as Poland has an tiny local Muslim minority and rejected to accept any refugees fleeing recently the Middle East.

The situation is deplorable in the area of public security. Antoni Macierewicz, an old friend of Jarosław Kaczyński and the current Minister of Defence and the head of the secret services, presents a very peculiar and potentially extremely dangerous mixture of persecution fixation, orthodox Catholic religiosity, obsession with both the Western and the Russian cultural and military threat – combined with suspicious links to Russian agents of influence – and an absolute lack of professionalism. The secret service under his leadership sometimes looks like a sinister apparatus of oppression, and sometimes like a bunch of radical right-wing teenagers who watched too many action movies and were then unexpectedly given the power to play with other people’s lives and futures.

What has been happening to Ameer is a perfect example of this. Internal Security Agency contacted Ameer multiple times trying to convince him to collaborate. Initially, they wanted him to infiltrate Cracow Muslim community and get the information about intended actions, addresses and even sources of income of its members. As he refused, saying that he was an atheist, and would not know how to behave in a mosque, the ABW agents charged him with a new task: he was supposed to travel across Poland in search of people of Middle Eastern origin, to obtain information.

From the very beginning the agents combined harsh and radical methods of recruitment with utter incompetence: some of the foreigners Ameer was supposed to spy on didn’t even speak any language known by Ameer, the agents didn’t believe that an Iraqi citizen could be an atheist and they kept confusing the information about Ameer given them by Ameer himself. At the same time the agents were threatening him by making it clear that it solely depends on them if he would be able to prolong his stay in Poland. Despite the agents’ threats, Ameer didn’t give in, constantly rejecting their offers.

For a while it looked like nothing changed: despite his refusal, in September Ameer received his permit to stay in Poland until the end of January 2017. But then events changed dramatically: on the 3rd of October Ameer was captured by the Border Guard and transported to court which immediately decided to arrest and deport him – a decision which also results in a ban on entry to the Schengen zone for five years. The court’s decision was not based on any evidence or grounds other than a recommendation from the Head of the Internal Security Agency.

If anyone had any doubts about why Ameer was detained, they were dispelled almost immediately. The day after the detention Ameer was visited in the custody by his two agents, who gave to understand that his arrest was a punishment for refusing to cooperate. According to the agents, a similar fate was awaiting both of Ameer’s brothers, one of them studying in Poland, the other one in Germany. Obviously, Ameer was ordered to keep quiet both about the visit and about other doings of the Internal Security Agency.

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Galliners (Barcelona): Comunicat des de Kan Bici [CAT,CAS,ENG]

Mostrar mensaje original
PRECARIETAT: Falta dels recursos i mitjans econòmics suficients, pobresa i misèriaPRECARI: Que manca dels recursos i mitjans econòmics suficients:
Un jucio civil que demanda un “desnonament per precari” és gens menys que l’atacfrontal de la burguesia contra els pobres, dels poderosos contra persones que manquenels recursos economicos suficients per pagar un lloguer i manquen també de propietades.
L’aparell judicial, les forces repressives i la premsa són les eines de la burguesiaper perpetuar la seva poder a tot arreu. Gairebé totes les propietats estan a les seves mans,tenen bancs, centres comercials, empreses, tendes, cases i terres etc.
Justament nosaltrxs lxs que okupamos les kases que ells han abandonat, estemen el punt de mira de la burguesia, ens denuncien i si fa falta ens tiren al puto carrer emdiante els seus mercenaris antidisturbis.
Com ho van fer per exemple en el 2012 amb Kan Pons en Sant Marçal de Quarentella, iara pretenen fer-ho de nou amb Kan Bici en Galliners. Els molesta si no els servimcom a font economica (via laboral, pagant lloguer) i no estem callats davant els seus bar-bariedades, llavors ens manen els seus hordes de serfs institutionales per augmentar la pressió social a nivell de guerra.Â
“Drets humans”, “Democràcia”, “Estat de dret”, “Igualtat de todxs davant la justícia”i altres chorrades propagandisticas que ens expliquen tots els dias…qui les hi creu??
A més ens enverinen l’aire, la terra, l’aigua i destrueixen els boscos!
No ens callaran! Seguirem lluitant! Kan Bici resisteix! Galliners (Pla de l’Estany), 7 de Novembre 2016


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Zaproszenie od kolektywu Syrena na Blok Antykapitalistyczny na demonstracji 11 Listopada [PL]


Bierzemy udział w demonstracji „Za wolność naszą i waszą”, bo chcemy współtworzyć Ruch Antyfaszystowski i poprzez praktykę wcielać w życie naszą perspektywę na działalność antyfaszystowską. Nacjonalizm zwalczamy nie tylko 11 listopada, ale głównie na co dzień – przełamując sztuczne podziały między pracownikami i pracownicami pochodzącymi z różnych krajów, działając w międzynarodowym ruchu migranckim czy broniąc lokatorów i lokatorek różnego pochodzenia przed mafią polskich kamieniczników. Głębsza analiza problemu faszyzmu niż ta prezentowana w mediach głównego nurtu, wynika właśnie z naszej codziennej działalności.SYMBIOZA KAPITALIZMU Z FASZYZMEM

Odizolowanie faszyzmu od systemu, który go karmi, jest niemożliwe. Kapitalizm jest demokracją kiedy nęci nas „marchewką”, a kiedy sięga po kij nazywany jest faszyzmem. Faszyzm nie jest dla kapitalizmu patologią, ale jednym z jego elementów działania. Zarazem państwowa przemoc może zawsze schronić się w cieniu faszyzmu: wobec faszystowskiego terroru terror czynszowy czy płacowy staje się przeźroczysty. Przesuwa się granica tego co dopuszczalne – państwo, które ma „bronić nas” przed faszyzmem samo daje sobie prawo do stosowania faszystowskich metod (np. więzienia w izolacji, inwigilacja, cenzura czy skazywanie na śmierć ofiar wojen). Faszyzm pomaga systemowi zarówno jako problem jak i jako rozwiązanie. Przykuwa ale i odwraca uwagę.

Na demonstracji 11.11 pojawią się różne bloki, bo walka z faszyzmem musi rozgrywać się na wielu frontach. Żeby móc efektywnie z nim walczyć należy uderzać u jego źródeł. Nie da się wyeliminować faszyzmu bez zaatakowania samej hierarchii. Jest wiele rodzajów opresji tak jak i wiele rodzajów oporu. Opór wobec patriarchatu, homofobii czy rasizmu to różne pola tej samej walki. Dlatego ważnym jest, żeby te fronty się przenikały, żebyśmy wspólnie wspierały się w nich nawzajem.

11 listopada


Dlatego nie kupujemy liberalnej narracji, wg której faszyzm „spada z nieba” niczym nie wywołany i znika wskutek wybrania odpowiedniej partii czy lidera. Liberałom faszyzm zaczyna doskwierać dopiero wtedy gdy ten łomocze do drzwi ich eleganckich mieszkań na kredyt. Dlatego nie widzimy się w ruchu, w którym idziemy ramię w ramię z szefem czy kamienicznikiem, bo łączy nas strach przed faszystowskimi bojówkami wymykającymi się spod kontroli.

Zależy nam na tym by antyfaszyzm utrzymał swoje radykalne korzenie zamiast stawać się tym, co ma zadowalać bliżej nieokreślone rzesze klasy średniej. Idziemy w bloku antykapitalistycznym, bo uważamy, że bez obalenia kapitalizmu nie będzie pełnej emancypacji dla żadnej z opresjonowanych grup. To jest nasze rozumienie sloganu „Za wolność naszą i waszą”.


Dlaczego właśnie znajdujemy się w tej koalicji (np. z partią która zdaje się nie rozumieć tej dziejowej konieczności)?

Jesteśmy w niej bo nie chcemy oddawać pola w sporze o kształt antyfaszyzmu. Widzimy tę koalicję jako przestrzeń walki politycznej, nie zgody opartej na pozornej jedności. Uważamy, że różnice politycznych punktów widzenia i propozycji działania nie są czymś złym samym w sobie. Dyskusja ideowa jest potrzebna, działanie także. To w nim wykuwa się przyszłość ruchu. Cieszymy się z głosów krytycznych co do tej koalicji. Przekujmy je w uwspólnioną praktykę.

Problemy apolitycznego, ugrzecznionego antyfaszyzmu nie pojawiły się wraz z partią Razem i nie znikną razem z nią. Liberalna i beztreściowa wersja antyfaszyzmu nie pierwszy raz staje się podatna na zawłaszczenia. Uciekanie od własnej wyraźnej, logicznej i sensownej tożsamości w kierunku wyidealizowanych „normalsów” (którzy są jacy są, ale na pewno będzie ich masa) wciąż jest kuszącą i nieprzepracowaną tendencją. To od nas i naszego zaangażowania zależy jaki kierunek nadamy temu ruchowi. Jeśli oddamy to pole to nie zdziwmy się gdy w końcu zorganizujemy tak niekontrowersyjną demonstrację, że nas samych z niej wyrzucą.


Zapraszamy do pójścia z nami w bloku antykapitalistycznym. Z tymi, które nie zgadzają się na poprawianie kapitalizmu, czy uczestniczenie w liberalnej demokracji. Jesteśmy antypaństwowe i antypartyjne. Jesteśmy przeciwne wojnom między narodami. Nigdy nie zapomnimy, że polska flaga powiewała na wozach bojowych pacyfikujących afgańskie i irackie wioski. Za to zdecydowanie zajmujemy stanowisko w wojnie biednych przeciwko bogatym, pracownic przeciw szefom, wywłaszczonych przeciw korporacjom.

Jeśli chcesz stanąć ramię w ramię z lokatorkami i pracownicami i chcesz bronić się tak przed faszyzmem ulicy jak i instytucji,
dołącz do Bloku Antykapitalistycznego na demonstracji 11.11!


kolektyw Syrena

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France, Calais: state announces official jungle eviction plan, starting on 23rd [ENG]

Via Calais Migrant Solidarity

On 20 October the prefecture [local representative of the French government] held a meeting with the associations [charities] about the planned “Reception and Orientation Centres” (CAOs). We now know how the prefecture will organise the eviction.

The eviction will start on Monday, 24th of October, when the first buses will arrive to take people to the CAO centres. Destruction will start on Tuesday the 25th.

It is confirmed that there will be a “Sorting Centre” on Rue des Garennes, just a couple of hundred metres away from the main entrance to the jungle. People will pass through the sorting center before being divided onto buses going to CAOs all around the country. All people still in the area who refuse to go to CAOs, will be sent to detention centers. New detention centers have been created for the eviction, some others have been emptied to hold people arriving from Calais. Marck airport may also be used to send people to detention centers.

The sorting center will be open from 8 am to 8 pm. It is already kept under surveillance by the police. People will be separated into different queues indicated by pictograms : single men, families, minors and « vulnerable people ».

Everybody except the minors, will have to choose between two areas in France. Each area get its color and people will have to wear a wrist band with the color of the area where they are going. People will be sorted and taken in big tents with fifty people getting the same wrist band. The will have to tell their identity (sirname, firstname, date of birth).

As soon as a tent is full, a bus will take all 50 people in the tent to the CAO with two people from associations, a fireman and a person from the civil security. The charities Salam and La Vie Active have agreed to collaborate with this system and go into the buses.

There will be 60 buses on monday, 40 on tuesday, 30 on wednesday.

People may be able to stay for up to one month in the CAO. They will then have to apply for asylum in France or run away.

OFII [French immigration and asylum authority] has promised that people fingerprinted in other countries won’t be deported, but we still don’t have any written guarantee of that. Dublin deportation [where refugees are deported to the first European country where they had fingerprints taken]  is happening in CAOs now.

Isolated minors are going to be interrogated to confirm that they are under 18 years old. France Terre d’Asile [a charity], PFPRA, DGEF [French authorities], and  the Home Office (UK) are going to conduct these interviews. Minors will then go to the CAP to « treat their situation ». Minors who want to stay in France will be taken to special CAOs for minors. There is still no information about their locations or the date that they will open.

So, a number of associations are actively collaborating with the eviction. France Terre d’asile are involved in selecting/rejecting the minors. Salam and La Vie Active will be on the CAO buses.

La PASS [medical centre] and La Vie Active will continue their activities during the eviction.

Meanwhile, access to the jungle will be controlled. Only the associations who get an agreement with the prefecture will be allowed in. Approved journalists will have access to the sorting center but don’t know yet if they will be allowed to go to the jungle. The Associations have given a list of their members. Anybody fuond in the jungle who is not on the list may be arrested. Four English people have already received OQTFs [Orders to Quit the French Territory].

Arrests of people and OQTFs for non-french people may happen more and more often next week. We thank warmly the school teachers, asked by the government to act as police interpreters during arrests, who have refused to do this.

Cops have used a lot of teargas over the last three nights. it seems that they were using a new kind of gas causing vomitting, nausea, and big headaches with persistent effects.

Home destruction is never “humanitarian”, sorting people never respect their “dignity”. The choice between CAO and detention center is not a choice.

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Czech Republik : A statement of anarchist Lukáš Borl captured and imprisoned [ENG]

Receive on 17.10.16

Statement to my arrest

On Sunday, September 4th, 2016, I was arrested by the police in Most and then taken to the remand prison in Litomerice. Unfortunately it happened what I did not want to, but knew all along that this may occur at any time. Fortunately, I have mentally prepared myself for such situation so it allows me to deal calmly with this kind of unpleasant reality, which I’m and apparently people close to me are exposed to now.

I was captured by those who defend the rule of capital over our lives. Nevertheless, that doesn’t change anything on my will to continue along the path that I have chosen. I will continue to destroy and create. To fight and love. I remain an anarchist with everything that belongs to it. I decided for now to write a few paragraphs about my imprisonment. Surely I will soon express my opinion about other issues that I consider important.

Before the arrest

It’s no secret that at a certain moment I decided to “disappear”, in worry that the police was planning my arrest. I have expressed my reasons in the text “Disappearance of supervision of state power”, which  is published various sites of the anarchist movement. The choice I made, allowed me to live hidden and quite happily for months. I freely moved and ate a good food. Whole world became home for me, and I was able to find havens for cultural and social existence in it. Because of emotional and material support I had enough energy to keep fighting for emancipation. I knew about the risks associated with it, but I have never thought about to finish with that and I do not think of it even now. To break free from dictatorship of the state and capitalism is an enough attractive aim, that it is impossible to turn away my attention from it. Even the fact that the power is threatening me with finger, baton or prison… Being an anarchist means to me to understand such threats as an inevitable consequence of my expressed desire for freedom. It is connected with daily rebel life. Fact that I can not avoided, but I can defy it. What I do and I will keep doing.

The circumstances of my arrest

Police arrested me in Most, a small city where I was born and lived for a long time. I have part of my family and many friends there. In Most with some people we run a community center “Ateneo” and organized a long series of events associated with the anarchist movement. In short, in this city I’m quite known person, both to the population and the police and bureaucrats.

Continue reading

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ITALIAN  : free the warsaw three IT

FRENCH : fanzine_wawa3_fr

ENGLISH : free-the-warsaw-three-eng

SPANISH:  free the warsaw three ES

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Poland, Warsaw: third anti prison days ! [ENG]

AW DNI.eng

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Czech Republik, Praga: Antifenix solidarity action [ENG]


We came from the far to support our comrades affected from Operation Fenix and spread posters and installed QR-Codes linked to antifenix infopage in prague.

Paper is nothing against the state and its police. Our action was the least we could do and only a facet of the global fight against the state and for the free and beautiful life.

Our thoughts and feelings are with those who are still in prison!


source :

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Call-out against the coming evictions [ENG]

published on 15th of october:

The upcoming destruction of the jungle and forced mass dispersion of people from Calais are not isolated. They are part of a larger strategy of the government of France, working in tandem with other governments to segregate, through violence, people with and without papers, the white and the “other,” the rich and the poor: to lock people in camps, deport centers, and prisons, to coerce or force people to return to “safe” countries where they risk further imprisonment and death.

The government plans to pretend to give people a choice – get on buses to temporary accommodation centers (CAO – “welcome centers”) or be forced out of France (through OQTF papers). However, there are have been Dublin deportations from CAOs and there are no guarantees that they will cease to happen. Some people who have fingerprints in other European countries, like Italy, are pushed back there. From all countries, some are deported further back in huge numbers, including to their countries.

Now, there are more arrests, people are unable to enter train stations based on the color of their skin. Calais police has been given a target goal of 80 arrests per day and as many deportations as possible. This is part of the evictions. People are being caught en mass – the deportation center in Calais is being expanded.

Humanitarian associations working in the jungle are collaborating closely with the government. They want to make the evictions «humane» or «safer». There are no humane evictions! There are no safe evictions!

Continue reading

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France, Calais: jungle eviction probably delayed for one week [ENG]


The word from various media reports and sources on the ground is that the jungle eviction will most likely not start next Monday 17 October. Apparently, cops have been told they are now allowed to take leave next week, which was previously banned. But they must be back for the 24th.

It seems that the authorities just haven’t got their act together in time, with plans still not clear for how they are going to manage to shift 10,000 desperate people. 17 October would have been a particularly symbolic date. France’s biggest mass eviction in living memory would have started 55 years after its biggest post-war police massacre. On 17 October 1961, Paris police murdered unknown hundreds of Algerian demonstrators in streets and police stations in Paris, many bodies thrown into the Seine.

Today, comrades in Calais say the jungle was still calmly going about its business. Vans of riot cops and water cannons watched at the edges to ward off a possible attempt at a demo, but roads remained clear, and supplies, residents, humanitarians and journalists moved in and out without problems.

Meanwhile in Lille, a court heard two lawyers representing some Jungle residents apply for an injunction to halt or delay the eviction as contravening “human rights”. The decision should be revealed on Monday.

So, now awaiting the storm. Many think that on Monday cops will make initial raids against the shops and restaurants, which have again been banned under a new court ruling (overturning an earlier appeal judgement). This, we can guess, will be part of a first step to persuade as many people as possible to leave ahead of the main operation, by cutting supplies, basically putting the ghetto under siege.

The state can also order the charities to stop food handouts, and few will need much pressure to agree. Then, with thousands of cops on hand, checkpoints can be set up around the camp to stop food coming in, as they already stop building materials. All that’s left then is to cut off the water mains.

At the same time, many expect the buses to arrive next week. Local news reports say 50-60 coaches will arrive each day to take people to official camps around France called “Centres d’Accueil et de Reorientation” (CAOs).

Meanwhile, other reports say police have a quota to arrest and send to detention centres 80 people per day. The danger of arrest should help persuade people to “voluntarily” get on the buses and be scattered across France to unknown fates. Charity workers are already doing there bit to help, spreading propaganda telling people it’s in their best interest to quietly get on board.

Then, after a week or so, when numbers are whittled down and spirits ground down, the final clear up. As to just what level of force they’ll use, numbers like 3,000 or 5,000 or even 8,000 cops are being bandied about in the local news and rumour mill. Local media report that everyone rounded up in the camp will be taken to a “mobile police station” or processing camp. From there, some will go straight to detention, and just possibly a flight to Khartoum or Kabul. Others will be given “Orders to Quit the French Territory” (OQTFs), released and sent on their way. Hundreds of cops will be patrolling Calais town to make sure no one tries to stay in the vicinity.

Many of those chased out of Calais will probably head to Paris, where the other “Jungle” tent city around the neighbourhood of La Chapelle is again growing rapidly. Like Calais, every few months cops clear La Chapelle, and every few months people return, and on it goes. “We have always lived in slums and holes in the wall … we are not in the least afraid of ruins”.


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England, London : Coming up: Nights against Borders [ENG]


Sunday 16th will see the 6th south London Nights Against Borders – a monthly social aimed at bringing together people who want to up the ante in the struggle against the border regime. This month there won’t be a particular focus or speaker – just food, drink and music and a chance to pick up subversive literature, share ideas, plot and plan. All donations go to struggles against the borders in the UK and beyond.

Sunday 16th, 6.30pm-11pm, The Field, Queens Road, New Cross.


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Czech Republik : Antifenix, interview with anarchist from Czech+fanzine ¨Fenix didn´t rise from ashes¨ [ENG]


Operation Fenix, police infiltration and possibly fabricated case

In April 2015, Police of the Czech Republic commenced an operation against the anarchist, anti-authoritarian and animal liberation movement. This operation is known and called Operation Fenix (Phoenix). During the initial stage many individuals have been questioned and interrogated, some arrested and several places raided. Police confiscated servers, computers, flash drives, cameras, mobile phones and other digital devices or data carriers. So far we do not know to what extend the operation goes and how many people are being monitored and what the intentions of the police are. On a number of occasions the police fabricated or purposely concealed important facts in order to obtain permission to search different properties and arrest people. Read more here.

The closest media attention has so far focused on the affair of “far left terrorism.” From the original 11 detainees, three individuals remain in custody where they await trial. Petr and Martin are accused of “conspiracy to plan a terrorist attack” and Ales with the offense for illegal arms possession.

Today we know that the entire “action” to attack the train, which the police claimed to prevent by arresting Petr, Martin and two other people (currently investigated without detention), was scheduled and co-planned by (at least) two undercover operatives. Specifically trained undercover police officers infiltrated a group of people and gained their trust to obtain information. After a while, when surveillance of their new “friends” was established, they began to talk more about the necessity of actions more militant in nature and they actively participated in the preparation of such a plan

FENIX DIDN´T RISE FROM ASHES FANZINE : sazba_fenix_EN-no-cover-imposed

interview from A-radio, August 2016 :

¨In the context of the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners (23.-30th of August 2016), we had the opportunity of talking to a comrade from Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) in Czech Republic. The interview gives a short summary of the repression that started in 2015 and explains the singular cases and their current development, but deals also with the problems the movement had in the beginning to show solidarity. Last but not least, you get very good advice on the topic of solidarity and what to do yourselves.¨

more informations :

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Italia, Génova : Tatto Circus: En beneficio de la CNA y en solidaridad con lxs arrestadxs en la “Operación Scripta Manent” [ES]

genova afiche-1

22/23 Octubre [Dos días de tatuajes, música, comida]

Sábado 22 de Octubre
Desde las 10.00hrs hasta las 24.00hrs

Dj Set + Concierto
RUV: Funky/Rock

Domingo 23 de Octubre
Desde las 12.00hrs hasta las 24.00hrs

Dj Set + Concierto

En apoyo a la caja de solidaridad de la CNA
En solidaridad con lxs arrestadxs en la “Operación Scripta Manent”

Para más información llamar: +39 351 09 48 347

Toda la info estará visible desde las 10.00hrs del sábado 22 en:

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Poland, Warsaw: Kurdish soiree at Cafe Kryzys [PL] [ENG]

pol wwawieczorek-kurdyjski1

ACK Warszawa i Kolektyw Syrena zapraszają na spotkanie z członkiem jednego z anarchistycznych kolektywów w Stambule.

Na spotkaniu zostanie nakreślona historia konfliktu w Kurdystanie (głównie tureckim). Porozmawiamy też o sytuacji politycznej w Anatolii po zamachu stanu z 15 lipca 2016r.

Spotkanie odbędzie się w środę 19 października o 18.30 w Kafe Kryzys na Syrenie (Wilcza 30).


ABC Warsaw and Kollective Syrena invite for meeting with the member of one of anarchistic collectives in Istambul. During the meeting we will hear history of conflict in Kurdistan (meanly turkish), we will talk about political situation in Anatola after coup from 15th of july 2016.

Meeting will take place on Wednesday, 19th of October at 18:30 in Kafe Kryzys on Syrena squat (Warszawa, Wilcza 30).

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fanzine : on the out, about life after prison [ENG]

Fanzine from ABC Bristol about life after prison.

¨You’re holding in your hand what we hope to be the first edition of “On The Out”, a new pamphlet published by Bristol Anarchist Black Cross. This zine is a collection of writings by ex-prisoners and their supporters on life after prison. We hope that it will go some of the way to filling the gap in prisoner support literature for information on post-prison life.¨


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fanzine : how to cultivate EM ? [ENG] [PL]

WHAT ARE Effective Microorganisms (EM)?
Effective microorganisms (EM) were developed in the early 1980s at the University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa, Japan by Professor Teruo Higa. He reported that a combination of approximately eighty different species of microorganisms are capable of positively influencing the decomposition of organic matter to the point at which it reverts to a ’life promoting’ process. These Effective Microorganisms consist of beneficial and non-pathogenic microorganisms such as Lactic Acid Bacteria, Yeast, and Phototrophic Bacteria, which are found in the natural environment.

fanzine czytalny także w języku polskim.

how to cultivate EM

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