Warsaw, Poland: All the arrested are released! [ENG] [ITA]


We announce that all three of Warsaw are freed.

After nearly 4 months of absolute isolation we managed to pull them out of jail.
This release proves how weak is the police evidence and how “necessary steps” of the prosecution were just playing time, using detention as form of torture to force confessions.
This also proves that solidarity campaigns make sense – not only in moral dimension, but also practically.

What can one do now?
The solidarity campaign continues – as actual criminal trial is yet to come. Defendants still need our support, mostly in the field of information and finance. The money will be needed for the lawyers and for the return of the deposit. Spreading objective, non-police knowledge of this case and repression also really improves their chances on trial and protects the movement from further repression. Organize collection, meetings, events, circulate posters, leaflets, brochures and this website.

What one shouldn’t do now?
The moment of release of the arrested is a moment of intense police attention – in recent days more and more often undercovers and other cops are seen observing places important for the movement and trying to infiltrate. This is the worst time to gossip, speculate, fabricate facts, assign to yourselves or others fault, merit, knowledge of the case, and for any other actions based on incomplete / false information.

If you would like to contact the defendants, think twice whether you’re someone from their loved ones. If not – let them catch their breath and rest – there will be time for our paths to cross, not once.

cats-dont-talkMeanwhile – thanks once again to all involved individuals and groups!

Solidarity brings freedom!


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Turkey / Kurdistan: Interview with the DAF (Revolutionary Anarchist Action) [ENG]


Libertarian perspectives for the Middle East

The interview that we share here was produced during August 2016, just two weeks after the coup attempt of the 16th of July. This also happened a month before the beginning of the big Turkish manoeuvre on the orographic right side of the Euphrates in the Syrian territory to counteract the presence of the SDF militia that had taken that region from ISIS, strategical for the supply lines of the Caliphate.

The following interview is the product of a meeting of several hours with a spokesperson of the Turko-Kurdish anarchist organization DAF (Revolutionary Anarchist Action) and it isn’t summarized. The precise interview has been added with fragments from the rest of the meeting.

It is a very urgent piece on our current events, hence why we also recommend reading the article translated by Meydan, the newspaper of the DAF, published on 26 edition year 96 of Umanità Nova (Fight for power, Fight against power). We consider the following interview a necessity to understand the Turko-Kurdish situation and the actions of our comrades in those areas.

D: How has the situation developed in Turkey during these last weeks? Is Erdogan’s power stronger after the coup attempt? How was the meeting between the AKP and Hizmet?

R: As you know, the organization of Gülen and Hizmet was active before the start of the governments of the AKP. When the AKP became a government group they formed a coalition, as Gülen’s movement was very noticeable from within the state apparatuses, police, military and legal courts. Hizmet has several schools, controls part of the education system, universities, the schools for preparation of university entrance tests, high schools, along with the media and healthcare. They all hold immense power. The AKP and Gülen have made a coalition and cooperated, especially in the justice system, thanks to the presence of Gülen’s members among all of the judges and lawyers.  They have proceeded with the arrests and impeachment of many members of the armed forces, members of Kemalist groups and senior officers and top advisers of the general staff.

After this they replaced the arrested members with their own men and have further strengthened themselves, both the AKP and Hizmet, not only in the ranks of the military but also in all the other state apparatuses that were purged, like the police, intelligence services and bureaucracy.

However, during this time disagreements started emerging from these two groups and Erdogan launched a campaign aimed towards expelling Hizmet from the state. However the Gülenists intervened: their members in the justice system started investigating members of the AKP and carried out trials against many government ministers, their families and even towards Erdogan’s own son, accusing him of corruption and embezzlement of public funds.

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Italy: Account open for the comrades arrested in operation “Scripta Manent” [ENG]

serveimageCroce Nera Anarchica  is collecting money for comrades that got arrested during ¨Scripta Manent” operation, which recently  had place in Italy.

N° Carta PostePay: 4023 6009 1934 2891
addressed to: Omar Nioi

Being an emergency the money will be used to support the comrades in prison, but also for legal costs.

For any informations, here is the address of Croce Nera Anarchica:



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Italy ,Rome – Communique from Anarchist Comrade Daniele from Regina Coeli prison [ENG]

Rome, Italy: Communique from Daniele from Regina Coeli prison

“Between these four increasingly narrow walls,

I cultivate my hatred of the system. “

If you are an anarchist get it into your head, if you have not done so already, that it could be your turn to end up in prison sooner or later, and that the paths that could lead you there are many.

If you are an anarchist, first, you have to be careful about what you keep at home: simple things, trivial or almost, become components of devices or explosives in the cops’ reports, a story we have also seen recently in Bologna with a comrade ending up in AS2 in Ferrara. Even books, pamphlets and leaflets, so-called “paperwork”, become proof of affiliation with terrorist organizations.

And then there are the classic conspiracy charges, usually 270a, that allow the guards to throw you inside without even bothering to provide “concrete evidence”.

In short, the roads are many, but the reason is one: being irreducibly aligned against power.

If I say this it is certainly not to complain about the iniquity of democratic justice, but to point out how easy it is for an anarchist to end up in prison, no matter how careful one is. Awareness of this risk should not scare us, just keep us ready.
So “Scripta Manent” was not at all unexpected but is a repressive attack whose only uncertainty was “when”, not “if.” An attack by the democratic regime against those who, within it, still refuse to submit to the values and morals of dominion by getting into in a conciliatory perspective of dialogue and compromise, but remain in open confrontation with power.

“The State is not thinkable without lordship and servitude … For the State it is indispensable that nobody have an own will; if one had, the State would have to exclude this one; if all had, they would do away with the State.”

After all, whether you end up there or not, prison is still in the path of an anarchist. Because it is a spectre that hangs over you, because it has taken friends or loved ones, or just because it is the foundation of this society that we hate (“repression is civilization”).

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Fight the extradition of Lauri Love [ENG]

On the 16th of September 2016 at Westminster Magistrates Court the extradition proceedings of Lauri Love (a computer scientist accused of hacking) were approved with leave to appeal. Lauri is being extradited to face charges of hacking to government websites and stealing data from three states in the U.S He faces a sentence of up to 99 years according to his U.S. lawyer Tor Eckland.

A group of his supporters, as well as the media, were present outside the court. At 2pm, the public gallery was full, people were even sitting on the stairs hoping for a positive outcome for Lauri . District Judge Nina Tempa arrived and within two minutes recommended that Lauri Love be extradited to the U.S. The three extradition requests were granted with appeal.

Outside the courts after the hearing Lauri made a statement, ‘If you have come here for justice then you have missed it’

Lauri’s case will now go to Amber Rudd home secretary for another decision on his extradition on November 16th2016. He then has the option to appeal.

The case of Lauri Love is a sad one. On the 15th of July 2015 Love was arrested on behalf of the US government. He participated in an online protest hacking into U.S government websites and stealing data as part of #OpLastResort. #OpLastResort was an online protest spurred by the suicide of Aron Swartz who was facing a 30 year prison sentence in the U.S.

What makes this case so sad is that Lauri has threatened suicide over the fact of the harsh treatment in U.S prisons and not being able to cope with his mental and physical health issues, Asperger’s, depression and asthma, in a foreign country without his carers. He is fighting for a fair trial in the U.K. He declared,“ The only way they will take me to the U.S is in a body bag”.

The district Judge Nina Tempa has dismissed these concerns stating “….but I have found that the U.S prison estate, on arrival and ensuring any sentence if he is convicted will comprehensively be met by the U.S authorities.”

Lauri Love is a computer scientist who can serve the public by making the internet a safe place instead of serving an unjust sentence in inhumane conditions in the USA, risking suicide. His potential sentence is grossly unfair, 99 years is far more than the maximum sentence for murder or rape. Moreover, such a sentence should not exist for political protest and political activists should not have to face the same end as the very thing they were protesting against. The case of Lauri Love is unfair and he needs your support.

You can help either with a donation or writing a letter to your M.P. Further information can be found at: In support of Lauri Love: The courage Foundation.

via: https://freedomnews.org.uk

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Ireland, Dublin: Solidarity against the Terrorist Narco-State of Mexico [ENG]


On Saturday, 24 September, LASC and the Mexico-Ireland Solidarity Collective organised a vigil at the Mexican embassy to remember and to call for justice for the 43 missing students of Ayotzinapa and the thousands more like them who have been disappeared in Mexico.

Over a year ago, on the night of 26 September 2014, a group of student teachers in the Mexican state of Guerrero were ambushed by municipal police as they traveled in a convoy of buses through the city of Iguala. Five people, including two students, were killed when the officers opened fire on the buses, and another student was later found dead, his body showing signs of horrific torture. Forty-three other students simply disappeared without trace. The students’ disappearance unleashed a wave of public outrage fuelled equally by the attack itself and by the narco-corruption which has enabled drug gangs to infiltrate local governments and police forces across Mexico.


To mark the two year anniversary of the disappearances, protests were held across Mexico and the world to support the parents and relatives of the disappeared of Ayotzinapa.

The Zapatista National Liberation Army denounced the behavior of the Mexican government of Enrique Peña Nieto for “rewarding” people strongly suspected of perpetuating impunity in the case of the 43 forcibly disappeared students from the Ayotzinapa teachers college. “(The) cynicism and perversion of the political class (…) not only continues to pretend to search for the missing comrades, but instead, with the growing evidence showing the guilt of the terrorist narco-state, rewards those responsible for lying and trying to distort the truth even more,” read the statement by the EZLN, referring to Tomas Zeron, a state investigator who resigned for tampering with evidence and was subsequently promoted.

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Belarusian prison. Untouchables in the prison hierarchy. [ENG]

The topic of prison caste system is often raised in the media in recent times, it is often discussed in connection with the political prisoners. However, almost all who write on the subject, know about it at best from the stories of former inmates or use common social stereotypes. As a result, there are often a lot of blunders and false representation.

The aim of this article is to illuminate some aspects of this complex and multifaceted phenomenon the informal hierarchy in Belarus prisons.

Mikalay Dziadok

27 years old, an activist of the anarchist movement. He was born in the town of Bragin, Gomel region. He graduated from the Belarusian State University College of Law, worked as a judicial custodian in the court of Tsentralny district of Minsk and legal adviser in a private company. In 2009 he entered the European Humanities University (Vilnius) specializing in Political Science and European Studies. On September 201, he was detained in Minsk on suspicion of the attack on the embassy of Russia. He was convicted of participation in a protest actions near the General Staff, the House of Trade Unions and the casino “Shangri-La” in the “case of anarchists“, he received 4.5 years prison sentence. Three months before his release he was sentenced to another year of imprisonment under Art. 411 of the Criminal Code (willful disobedience to prison administration). Released on August 22, 2015 by presidential decree “On presidential pardon” (he did not write a petition for clemency, although it was repeatedly offered). Now he is a first year student at the European Humanities University, specializing in world politics and economics.

There are scientific works on this subject. And, of course, I do not aspire to consider the phenomenon in all its diversity in one article. The question will be mainly about one prison caste, the existence of which characterizes the system as a whole, and the knowledge of which is critically important for any falling prisoner in Belarus, especially for a political prisoner. The so-called “petukhi” (“roosters”) ( also “downcast”, “bugger”, “cockscomb”, etc.).

So, from this text, you will learn:

– How did the “downcast” appear in prison;

– How do people become one;

– What are conditions of these people in jail and prison;

– What functions are performed by these people in prison;

– Why is the existence of this caste vital for the administration of penitentiary facilities.

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Hungary: The current situation of the Röszke11 [ENG]


more info: http://freetheroszke11.weebly.com

The trial of ten people accused for „illegal border crossing and participation in mass riot”

After the end of the trial on „first level court” most of the people were sent to Bicske, that is an open camp near Budapest in Hungary. At the moment seven people are in Western Europe. The other three people are still in Hungary.

Yamen A., whose verdict was three years imprisonment and 10 years expulsion from Hungary is currently in the prison of Szeged. We are trying to get in touch with him, but the procedure is quite complicated.

Farouk A. is in a detention center in Kiskunhalas. After the end of the trial he was sent also to Bicske, but a few days later he was moved to Kiskunhalas. The pretrial detention has to be renewed in every two months, the decision will be reviewed in September by the Immigration office (BÁH).

Kamel J. is in the detention center of Békéscsaba and his application for family reunification is in progress. Apart from Yamen, he is the only person who was not in Bicske after the trial, he was immediately moved into the detention center. After two months he requested his relocation into open camp, but the Immigration Office refused it justifying the decision with his lack of identity documents and prolonged his detention. His lawyer argued that until the decision of the family reunification most probably they will not be able to achieve his relocation. They are waiting to receive the decision in the middle of September.

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Serbia : Recent repression on people on the move in Serbia [ENG]

(written by Refugeesupportserbia and Bordermonitoring Serbia)

link: http://bordermonitoring.eu/serbien/2016/09/recent-repression-on-people-on-the-move-in-serbia/

Since the 15th of July, the day that prime minister Aleksandar Vučić held a speech [1] about the problems Serbia is facing at the moment, the situation in Serbia for people on the move has become more and more tense. The speech was an awaited response to the legal changes made in Hungary on July 5th (“8 kilometer” push-back law [2]) which set a legal frame for the Hungarian authorities to push back thousands of people to Serbian territory.

Among other points, Vučić mentioned in his speech that migrants are one of the biggest problems Serbia is facing at this time and that more repressive measures will be taken in order to gain control over the irregular movement of people. One of the measures put into practice has been a “joint venture” of police and military in order to guard the southern borders towards Macedonia and Bulgaria. As of August 30, 4,428 people have been kept from entering Serbia by military and police units, while within the same operation 673 who were encountered on Serbian territory have been brought to official reception centers [3]. The military officials don’t use the word “push-back” or mention any direct contact with the groups, rather they state that people “gave up” when they saw the Serbian forces. Thereby, Serbia maintains its humanitarian vocabulary used to distinguish itself from other Balkan countries like Hungary and Macedonia who boast with numbers of people they successfully pushed back. Which methods were used to deter people and why these 4,428 people did not apply for asylum in Serbia but instead went back is not mentioned. Probably the mere sight of a police officer is not enough to stop people from moving on, yet their stories and voices remain silent and invisible.

On the one hand, this increasingly repressive policy changes can be seen as a national answer to the reality that was created by the northern neighbour Hungary and to the fact that from one day to the other people got stuck in Serbia with no option to move on. On the other hand, these changes can also be seen in the frame of a European Border Regime that consists of more than just the legal closure of European borders. This will be elaborated in the following.


Ever since Hungary launched the push-backs, the number of people stuck in Serbia has been increasing on a daily basis. According to the Hungarian police, from July 5th to August 31th there have been 4,937 official incidents of prevented entries at the border and another 3,486 people who made it across the fence and got pushed back to Serbian territory [4 / 5]. Many of them came back to Belgrade and reported horrible experiences of violent encounters with the border police and private border patrols. Reports included tear gas, hand-cuffs, feet-cuffs, dog bites, pepper spray, shootings, and personal indignations (such as having to strip naked before being beaten up).

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Russia: Summary of international week of actions for Russian anarchist and anti-fascist prisoners [ENG]


Between 1st and 10th of July, international days of solidarity for political prisoners of Putin’s police state took place in 22 cities of 10 different countries. Although state pressure is growing, new delirious “anti-terrorist” laws are passed instead of improving life of citizens, activists of Moscow Anarchist Black Cross, Autonomous Action and other anarchist and anti-fascist initiatives organized a wide international campaign to defend our comrades imprisoned in Putin’s gallows.

Israel: A picket at the Russian embassy

rТЕЛЬ АВИВ 1International campaign of solidarity for Russian anarchists and antifascists started from Israel. 1st of July 2016 in Tel Aviv anarchists from “Unity”-movement organized a solidarity action. Anarchists picketed Russian embassy in Tel Aviv in solidarity with imprisoned anarchists and anti-fascists.

“Friends, remember, one day every prison has fallen and every empire has collapsed. For those in freedom, we remind: Do not give up! Do! Keep up the fire! Take the fire from those who have lost their freedom, and carry it further, to victory of the social revolution!”

Finland: a solidarity picket for Russian political prisoners

After Tel-Aviv, Helsinki joined the solidarity campaign. A picket was organized at the center of the city Friday 1st of July. Next to the main railway station around ten anarchists banners “Freedom to Crimean prisoners” (Vapaus Krimin vangeille) and “Freedom for all political prisoners”. Few hundred leaflets which explained point of the action were spread.

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France: Defend the ZAD – A call for International Solidarity [ENG]


October 8th & 9th 2016

For over 50 years, farmers and locals have resisted the building of a new airport for the French city of Nantes (which by the way already has one). Now in these rich fields, forests and wetlands, which multinational Vinci want to cover in concrete, an experiment in reinventing everyday life in struggle is blossoming. Radicals from around the world, local farmers and villagers, citizen groups, trade unionists and naturalists, refugees and runaways, squatters and climate justice activists and many others, are organising to protect the 4000 acres of land against the airport and its world. Government officials have coined this place “a territory lost to the republic”. Its occupants have named it: la zad (zone a défendre) zone to defend. In the winter of 2012, thousands of riot police attempted to evict the zone, but they faced a determined and diverse resistance. This culminated in a 40,000 people strong demonstration to rebuild some of what had been destroyed by the French State. Less than a week later, the police was forced to stop what they called “Operation Cesar”. For the last three years, the zad has been an extraordinary laboratory of new ways of living, rooted in collaborations between all those who make up the diversity of this movement. There is even a set of 6 points (see below) to radically rethink how to organise and work the land without an airport, based on the creation of commons, the notion of usage rather than property and the demand that those who fought for the land are those who decide its use.

Now, the entire zone is due for expulsions to start the construction of this absurd airport. Prime minister Valls has promised a “Rendez Vous” this October to evict everyone who is living, working, building and farming on the zone.

On October 8th, tens of thousands of people will gather on the zad to demonstrate that the determination of the movement is as strong as ever. Honouring farmers struggles from the past, we will come with wooden walking batons and leave them on the zone, as a sign of the commitment to come back and pick them up again if necessary. We will also raise a barn, built by dozens of carpenters during the summer, which will be used as a base, should evictions happen.

October 8th & 9th 2016

For over 50 years, farmers and locals have resisted the building of a new airport for the French city of Nantes (which by the way already has one). Now in these rich fields, forests and wetlands, which multinational Vinci want to cover in concrete, an experiment in reinventing everyday life in struggle is blossoming. Radicals from around the world, local farmers and villagers, citizen groups, trade unionists and naturalists, refugees and runaways, squatters and climate justice activists and many others, are organising to protect the 4000 acres of land against the airport and its world. Government officials have coined this place “a territory lost to the republic”. Its occupants have named it: la zad (zone a défendre) zone to defend. In the winter of 2012, thousands of riot police attempted to evict the zone, but they faced a determined and diverse resistance. This culminated in a 40,000 people strong demonstration to rebuild some of what had been destroyed by the French State. Less than a week later, the police was forced to stop what they called “Operation Cesar”. For the last three years, the zad has been an extraordinary laboratory of new ways of living, rooted in collaborations between all those who make up the diversity of this movement. There is even a set of 6 points (see below) to radically rethink how to organise and work the land without an airport, based on the creation of commons, the notion of usage rather than property and the demand that those who fought for the land are those who decide its use.

Now, the entire zone is due for expulsions to start the construction of this absurd airport. Prime minister Valls has promised a “Rendez Vous” this October to evict everyone who is living, working, building and farming on the zone.

On October 8th, tens of thousands of people will gather on the zad to demonstrate that the determination of the movement is as strong as ever. Honouring farmers struggles from the past, we will come with wooden walking batons and leave them on the zone, as a sign of the commitment to come back and pick them up again if necessary. We will also raise a barn, built by dozens of carpenters during the summer, which will be used as a base, should evictions happen.

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Chile: Two years since proceedings began against anarchist comrades Juan, Nataly and Enrique [ENG]

Two years since the kidnapping of the comrades for the Bombs Case 2 we recall the events that have occurred in this case.

At dawn on September 18, 9 police bastards of the carabineros brutally raided the residence of Nataly Casanova, a home she was sharing with Juan Flores and Guillermo Duran. Having seen police pointing rifles, Nataly fled along the roofs of neighboring homes however her flight was in vain as the police captured her in a nearby house.

The three comrades were arrested by the police, who demanded their names and addresses, since their names weren’t known, in order to raid the houses of the direct relatives of the comrades to search for and seize phones, computers, sim cards and any black clothing that could be used to incriminate them.

Nataly’s house was partially destroyed in the raid and her basic belongings were completely destroyed.

Despite the fact that the case was being investigated by the southern prosecution office, the comrades were taken to a police station in Ñuñoa, specialists in setting people up, and had their blood samples forcibly extracted from them.

The next morning the feeding frenzy was detonated by the bourgeois mass media who demonized the existence of the three comrades. The detention controls against the comrades were extended for 5 days until Tuesday, September 23rd to allow sufficient time to assemble the charges against them.

The comrades were accused of the following attacks:

– terrorist attack against police station number 39 in the commune of El Bosque. This attack occurred on August 11, 2014. This charge was later withdrawn.

– terrorist attack on a subway car at Los Dominicos metro station on July 14, 2014.

– the most significant charge is the explosion at the SubCentro shopping center at Escuela Militar metro station that occurred on September 8, 2014. (Months later 25 victims have come forward claiming a range of injuries including hearing damage, loss of a phalanx finger bone and exposed fractures. The prosecution has convinced them that they will all receive compensation at the end of the trial). In order to increase the criminal charges and years of jail for the comrade Juan Flores the prosecution sought out victims of the attack, there are also complaints from private lawyers against the comrades. The office of the prosecutor and the attorney general are betting on a strategy of shocking the public rather than showing incriminating evidence.

– possession of black gunpowder that was supposedly buried in the courtyard of the house.

On Tuesday September 23 following 4 hours of fantasies, preventative detention was ordered for Juan and Nataly. Night house arrest was ordered for Guillermo, this was later appealed by the prosecution, resulting in total house arrest.

And so they spent 7 months in the dungeons, isolated from supporters. Violent raids, destruction of diverse expressions of comradeship, surveillance and harassment of relatives and close friends then culminated with a new detention.

On April 6, 2015 a new raid ended with the arrest of Enrique Guzmán who was a close friend and active supporter of the comrades who visited them in jail and organized solidarity events etc. Just like the arrests of September 18, the prosecution extended the detention period until April 13, and then ordered preventative detention.

On April 14 the comrades Nataly, Juan and Guillermo reacted quickly and began a hunger strike to demand the immediate release of Enrique Guzmán, an end to the isolation regime Nataly was being held under and an independent investigation to determine the veracity of the DNA evidence. Several other imprisoned comrades joined this initiative. After 51 days the preventative detention order against Enrique was removed and he was released into full house arrest and Nataly was moved from isolation to a new module so the comrades ended their hunger strike.

The brief rest that Enrique had at home only lasted a little over a week until the prosecution together with the San Miguel court of appeals decided that the comrade must return to prison. This was not the first time Enrique was granted house arrest and then returned to prison.

After one of many reformalizations the prosecution decided to drop all charges against Guillermo Duran, much to the joy of the kidnapped comrades.

Nearing two years since proceedings began some bad news returned that shocked the comrades relatives and close friends. The court tried to take possession of the house that Juan, Nataly and her daughter shared, for the purpose of paying for the damages at Los Dominicos and Escuela Militar. The families are trying desperately to save the house but everything was already pre-planned, even though the investigation is still open.

At present the comrades are awaiting early commencement of the trial. The harassment is getting stronger against the comrades, with them being subjected to one punishment after another, including being beaten along with other comrades they are imprisoned with.

It was during one of these many clashes that Enrique was transferred to another module and accused by the guards of belonging to a gang that kidnapped children which resulted in him being bashed by other prisoners and having to be moved from the module. He was placed in isolation where he remained incommunicado for 4 days.

While being moved to another module this time it was Juan’s turn to be placed in the maximum security section due to the extensive imagination of the guards and the head prosecutor who used one of the comrade’s drawings as ‘proof’ that he was attempting to escape.

Juan was returned to his former module but not before being insulted and bashed by the guards while he was shackled. Despite having very few possibilities to defend himself the comrade still put up a fight.

In the maximum security section, the prosecutor shamelessly offered Enrique a shortened trial in exchange for agreeing to all of their delusions.

The cowardice demonstrated by the authorities offers a clear image of how the trial will end and the actions of the comrades is the most beautiful image that we can take from all this.

We will not rest until we see them back on the streets.

At each attempt by the authorities to defeat them we will there to fight their bastard tricks.

(via Publicacion Refractario, translated by Insurrection News)

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Cataluña: La CAIXA, BANKIA y el estado contra la okupación

Un repaso de la situación especulativa actual y de la lucha por la liberación de espacios (okupación) en la Empordá.

En Mayo del 2015 Mas Angela en Gaüses (Camallera) fue desalojado* demandada por La Caixa mediante un extraño jucio de expropiación (que duró 7 años) contra los antiguos propietarios y usado después para justificar su desalojo contra lxs okupas.
Poco tiempo más tarde Mas Angela fue re-okupado por otras personas que siguen viviendo actual-
mente en la masia y ganaron un jucio por la nueva okupación hace 3 meses.

*Al mismo tiempo se okupó Kal Jon en el barrio burgués de Llüena, una finca en propiedad de Bankia SA, anteriormente recuperado por el banco en un proceso de execución hipotecaria (486/12) contra los anteriores propietarios en el 2012. Ahora Bankia pide el desalojo de Kal Jon utilizando el mismo procedimiento del 2012 para echar a los actuales okupantes sin darles ni la minima oportunidad de defender judicialmente su vivienda delante ésta dudosa medida judicial.

Mediante una petición al juzgado de instrucción nº 4 de Figueres (entregado el 8 de Septiembre
pasado) lxs okupantes que llevan más de un año viviendo en Kal Jon solicitaron un enjuiciamiento
a nombre propio para obtener el derecho a un abogado de oficio, lo que significaria la anulación de la actual amenaza de desalojo de Kal Jon para el proximo 21 de Septiembre. (hace unos dias se comunicó verbalmente un retraso del desalojo para 10 dias…seria a principios de Octubre).

Mientras tanto los bancos siguen especulando con las fincas por todas partes, y utilizan la guerra
sucia contra los okupas. El dia 6 de Septiembre pasado hubo un incendio misterioso en la parte
baja (forestal) de la finca de Más Angela que destruyó una gran parte de los antiguos baños utlilizados también como vivienda, pero actualmente sin habitantes. Acudieron Bomberos y Mossos d’Escuadra para apagar el fuego.

Recordamos que BANKIA en el 2012 fue rescatado por la UE con miles de milliones, pero sigue
con su linea de mano dura contra los verdaderos afectados de la crisis economica provocada por
los mismos bancos. Al mismo tiempo tienen miles de “sus” fincas abandonadas y en estado lamentable, y el estado de derecho usa toda su arsenal represivo (justicia, maderos etc) para defender su “sagrada” propiedad privada.

La okupación de kasas y fincas abandonadas sigue siendo un herramiento util contra ésta politica
criminal del sistemal basado en la corrupción. Cada vez más personas optan por ésta alternativa a la explotación inmobiliaria construyendo redes de apoyo mutuo y autogestionando sus viviendas con
dignidad y fuerza de resistencia.

Okupación y guerra social en todos los frentes!
Ningún desalojo sin respuesta!
Abajo los muros de la sociedad carcelaria!
Viva la Anarquia!

Okupación nueva en Vilademuls! (Pla d’Estany)

El pasado 11 de Septiembre se okupó Mas Menut en el barrio de Barraques. Es una finca abandonada
desde hace más de 4 años anteriormente usada como criadero de perros. En éste tiempo nadie se ha
interesado por éste espacio rural.
Aupa y mucha suerte con la kasa!

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NDDL, Francia: Defender la ZAD – Llamada de solidaridad internacional, 8 y 9 de octubre 2016

Por más de 50 años, agricultores/as y vecinos/as de la ciudad francesa
de Nantes se han resistido a la construcción de un nuevo aeropuerto
(que por cierto, ya tiene uno). Ahora en estos fértiles campos,
bosques y humedales, que la multinacional dedicada a la construcción
de aeropuertos Vinci desea cubrir de cemento, está floreciendo un
experimento en la reinvención de la vida cotidiana. Activistas de todo
el mundo, agricultores y aldeanos locales, grupos de vecinos/as,
sindicalistas y ecologistas, refugiados/as y fugitivos/as, okupas y
militantes por la justicia climática y muchos otros, se están
organizando para proteger las 100 hectáreas de tierra contra el
aeropuerto y su mundo. Los funcionarios del gobierno han llamado a
este lugar “un territorio perdido para la República”. Sus ocupantes lo
han renombrado: la ZAD (Zona A
défendre), zona a defender.

En el invierno de 2012, miles de policías antidisturbios intentaron
desalojar la zona, pero se enfrentaron a una resistencia decidida y
variada. Esto culminó en una gran manifestación de 40.000 personas
para reconstruir algo de lo que había sido destruido por el estado
francés. Menos de una semana después, la policía se vio obligada a
abandonar lo que habían llamdo “Operación Cesar”.

Durante los últimos tres años, la ZAD ha sido un extraordinario
laboratorio de nuevas formas de vida, arraigadas en la colaboración
entre la totalidad de quienes conforman la diversidad de este
movimiento. Incluso hay una relación de 6 puntos (véase más adelante)
para replantear radicalmente la forma de organizar y trabajar la
tierra sin un aeropuerto, basándose en la creación de bienes comunes,
la noción de uso en lugar de la propiedad y la exigencia de que
quienes lucharon por la tierra deben ser quienes decidad su uso.

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Italia: Verba volant, scripta manent? – Sobre la razia del 6 de septiembre contra anarquistas en Italia

En las imágenes una mujer sale del coche patrulla, esposada manos a la espalda. Pese a la situación se la ve resuelta, dice algo mirando a la cámara. La misma mujer en lo que parece una casa de campo, presente otro hombre, y un puñado caótico de diferentes categorías del funcionariado represivo. Otra vez ella, que telefonea paseándose por la acera, frente a su estudio de tatuaje en Turín. Y otra filmación más, desde un coche, mientras bebe algo en la calle; la cámara se muestra especialmente interesada en el compañero que está junto a ella. Después un hombre, enfocado de espalda, que introduce unos sobres en un buzón de correos. Fotos de zonas acordonadas tras atentados, etc.

El tratamiento desinformativo no difiere demasiado del que conocemos por estos pagos. Periodistas repitiendo como loritos las notas oficiales, pasando las grabaciones de imagen efectuadas por la policía. Cagadas ilegibles cuando a alguno le da por verter todo el archivo en un artículo. Y quien le echa imaginación, como aquello de “Anna Beniamino, una doble vida entre bombas y tatuajes”. Aquí la compañera, a su pesar condensadora del morbo policíaco-periodístico, es presentada como una insospechada “terrorista” hasta la detención de Alfredo y Nicola en el 2012. Falso, ya que Anna forma parte de esa área de anarquistas que llegados a cierta edad ya han perdido la cuenta de los registros padecidos y de los sumarios en los que han acabado imputados o investigados. De hecho la media de edad de los compañeros detenidos o bajo investigación en la Scripta Manent anda en la cuarentena.

Según los medios del Régimen la operación Scripta Manent (“Verba volant, scripta manent”, las palabras vuelan, lo escrito queda) tendría origen en la DIGOS (División de Investigaciones Generales y Operaciones Especiales) y la Fiscalía turinesas a raíz de la detención de Nicola y Alfredo. Recordamos que ambos ya cumplen condena por conformar el Núcleo Olga FAI/FRI, que reivindicó el tiro a una pierna de Roberto Adinolfi, consejero delegado de la Ansaldo Nucleare (Génova, 7 de mayo de 2012). A partir de lo que califican como un análisis exhaustivo de una ingente cantidad de material ideológico, los servidores del Orden habrían conseguido nada menos que “reconstruir la estructura asociativa y la evolución internacional de la FAI”. En algún medio señalan directamente a Anna y Alfredo como promotores de la Federación Anarquista Informal, en algún otro a ellos dos y Nicola.

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Warsaw, Poland: The first person is already released! We are still collecting funds [ENG] [ESP] [ITA] [PL]



We are happy to inform you that the first of the 3 arrested was released! The other two are to leave jail the beginning of the next week.

Together we’ve managed to collect all the bail (60 thousands PLN)  before the deadline! However most of the money is borrowed and we will need to give it back, which means we are still collecting money to return the loans and for the further lawyers’ fees. Big thanks to every person and group that supported the detainees thus making it possible for them to be released. It was once again proved that the amazing power of solidarity can truly improve the situation of the arrested.

Releasing the 3 anarchists shows how important solidarity campaigns are. But even though they’re getting out of prison, it’s not over yet. The criminal investigation against our comrades continues. Until the court case they will be under strict police surveillance. The conditions of the bail release are very rigorous – the accused can’t contact each other nor the witnesses for the case, they have to report to a police station 7 days a week and they cannot change the place they stay or travel abroad.

In this new situation it is extremely important to stick to the rules of safe behavior that we wrote about before. We shouldn’t gossip, speculate or repeat unconfirmed information.

Once again thanks to everyone who supported the solidarity campaign! This mobilization and solidarity deserves great admiration. Every bit of help is invaluable here.

Solidarity brings freedom!

[ESP] [ITA] [PL]

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Poland, Warszawa: Judge accepted bail release. Collecting funds NOW [EN] [ES] [DEU] [ITA] [PL]

PUBLISHED : 14.09.2016


Today during a court sitting concerning the complaint for prolonging the arrest of the 3 anarchists, a decision was made to release them on bail. A fee of 20 thousand PLN (4600 euro) was set for each of them. If the money is transferred in a week’s time (7 days from today), the arrested will be released and kept under police surveillance instead. 

60 thousadns PLN (13 800 euro) is a fortune for the families and friends of the arrested. Gathering these funds in one week seems barely possible. If you can – show your support, either financially or by forwarding the call for collecting funds. Every euro brings us closer to getting them out.

Leaving the arrest would mean for the arrested anarchists the end of everyday tortures they suffer after more than 3 months in solitary confinement. We cannot let this chance slip out of our hands!

Support here:

Account Holder: VpKK e.V.
IBAN: DE 4085 0205 0000 0361 5700
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
Note: Donation ABC Warsaw \ ACK Warszawa

IMPORTANT: Do not forget about the note “Donation ABC Warsaw” or “ACK Warszawa”. Without it nobody will know that your donation is specially for three anarchists from Warsaw.

[ES] [DEU] [ITA] [PL]

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[Fanzine] Poland: Free the Warsaw Three – Campaign for the liberation of the 3 anarchists arrested in Warsaw [EN-ES-FR-IT-DE-PL]

About the three anarchists arrested in Warsaw: 

On the night of May 23rd, the police in Warsaw arrested three anarchists on charges of an alleged arson attempt of a police vehicle. The three were transferred to a remand prison where they are to be held in custody for three months, awaiting trial. They face up to 8 years in prison.

updated version : september Fanzine-EN

Sobre los 3 anarquistas detenidos en Varsovia:

En la noche del 23 de Mayo, la policía detuvo en Varsovia a tres anarquistas con la supuesta acusación de intentar incendiar un vehículo policial. Lxs tres fueron transferidxs a prisión preventiva, donde permanecerán durante los próximos 3 meses, en espera de juicio. Se enfrentan a hasta 8 años de prisión.


A propos des 3 anarchistes arrêtés à Varsovie :

Dans la nuit du 23 mai, la police arrête trois anarchistes avec l’accusation d’une tentative d’incendie d’une voiture de la police. Les trois sont transferés en prison, où il devront rester durant les trois prochains mois , en attendant le procès. Ils risquent jusqu’à 8 ans de prison.


Sui 3 anarchici arrestati a Varsavia

Nella notte del 23 Maggio, la polizia arresta tre anarchici con la presunta accusa del tentativo di incendio di un veicolo della polizia. I tre sono trasferiti alla prigione, dove dovranno rimanere per i prossimi 3 mesi, in attesa del processo. Rischiano fino a 8 anni di galera. I media hanno parlato molto del caso, con alti politici e “esperti” di terrorismo parlando in televisione nei giorni passati. Le foto e i video delle persone arrestate camminando con le catene ai polsi e alle caviglie, sono state ritrasmesse persino nei trasporti pubblici. Il testo qui sotto é la traduzione del comunicato inviato da alcuni gruppi anarchici e per la giustizia sociale in generale in Polonia in risposta agli arresti.


Bezüglich der drei verhafteten Anarchisten in Warschau:

In der Nacht auf den 23. Mai hat die Polizei in Warschau drei Anarchisten festgenommen, die der versuchten Brandstiftung an einem Polizeiauto verdächtigt wurden. Die Inhaftierten müssen nun 3 Monate auf die Gerichtsverhandlung warten. Ihnen droht eine Freiheitsstrafe von 8 Jahren.


O trzech anarchistach zatrzymanych w Warszawie:



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Germany: Seven police cars set on fire at Magdeburg train station [ENG]

seven police cars

Unknown assailants set fire to 18 cars at Magdeburg station early on Thursday morning, causing three quarters of a million euros worth of damage.

Police report that they received news that the cars were ablaze at around 2.30 am on Thursday morning. As well as seven police vehicles, several private vehicles and a car belonging to Deutsche Bahn (German Rail) were gutted by the flames.

Police say fire services were able to stop the fire spreading to a nearby storage facility and by 3.10 am the flames had been extinguished.

On Thursday police refused to rule out the possibility that there was a political motivation behind the crime.

In the former communist East German state of Saxony-Anhalt, where Magdeburg is the capital, there have been several attacks on police and army vehicles in recent years, the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung reports.

In 2012, 12 brand new police cars were set on fire in the state capital. Two days later, police cars parked at a police station in Halle were set on fire. Police never found the perpetrators.

In Berlin this year police have also reported a huge increase in arson on cars, which they have largely attributed to the city’s far-left scene.

source: https://linksunten.indymedia.org/en/node/189867

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“Izolatka: polityczne pranie mózgu. Amerykański model pacyfikacji ruchów protestu” [PL]

3 września z okazji Warszawskiego Niezależnego Kiermaszu Książek miała miejsce premiera publikacji “Izolatka: polityczne pranie mózgu. Amerykański model pacyfikacji ruchów protestu” przygotowanej przez kolektyw Syrena i ACK Warszawa.


Publikacja powastała w odpowiedzi na dalsze przetrzymywanie trójki uwięzionych anarchistów w odosobnieniu i ma przybliżyć historię i ukryte cele polityczne stosowania tego typu środków represji.

Pobierz publikację

Wiemy, że sytuacja psychiczna naszych towarzyszy jest coraz gorsza. Bezpodstawne przetrzymywanie ich w izolatkach i utrudnianie kontaktów z bliskimi uznajemy za tortury, które mają na celu złamanie zatrzymanych oraz wpłynięcie na ich zeznania w czasie procesu.

Wszystkie te działania organów represji są znanym i od lat stosowanym wobec więźniów repertuarem nadużyć i tortur psychicznych. W tej publikacji przeczytasz o tym, w jaki sposób stosowane przez chińskich komunistów metody prania mózgu zostały udoskonalone w amerykańskich programach badawczych, a następnie trafiły do więzień. Celem wprowadzenia tych specjalnych programów więziennych było złamanie psychiki więźnia i poprzez ciągnące się tortury, nacisk współwięźniów, stosowanie narkotyków i technik prania mózgu, doprowadzenie do zmiany ich przekonań i całkowitego podporządkowania się.

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