[Fanzine][Antipsy] Beyond Amnesty [ENG-CAS]

“If one does not know how to talk, it is because one does not
know what to say, and vice versa. And one does not know
what and how to speak because everything has been
banalized, reduced to mere symbol, to appearance. Meaning,
which was considered one of the greatest sources of revolt, a
radiant form of energy, has been eroded. They have
shattered, pulverized and minced it…What does one say,
what does one do, in the midst of a desert? Deprived of words
with which to express rage for the suffering one has
undergone, deprived of hope with which to overcome the
emotional anguish that devastates daily existence, deprived
of desires with which to struggle against institutional
reason, deprived of dreams toward which to reach in order to
sweep away the repetition of the existent, many subjects
become barbaric in action. Once the tongue is paralyzed, the
hands quiver to find relief from frustration. Inhibited from
manifesting itself, the compulsion toward the joy of living is
turned on its head, becoming its opposite, the death instinct.
Violence explodes and, being without meaning, manifests
itself in a blind and furious manner, against everything and
everyone, overturning every social relationship. Where there
is not a civil war going on, there are the rocks thrown from
overpasses or the murders of parents, friends or neighbours.”
Chrissus & Odosseus, Barbarians: Disordered Insurgence



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