Poland: Update on accused and imprisoned anarchist comrades [ENG]

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Received on 30.04.16: 

Lately some anarchist comrades were on trial for occupying an empty building in Katowice, during the Anti-Congress 2015 event when anarchists organized a response to the European Economic Congress in Katowice where many influential corporations and government members from Europe and beyond gathered.

Video from the squat occupation in Katowice…

Another judicary case takes place in the city of Poznan (21.04.2016) where our comrade Kamil was on trial for insulting two police officers during their patrol near Rozbrat squat in June 2015. He was beaten by cops and accused of affront against legal power. In the same city of Poznan another comrade Łukasz is on trial accused of attacking a police patrol and sentenced for three months (27.04.2016).

Kamil is accused of fighting with police because they want to take revenge because of his activism and the many protests in which Kamil participated. Łukasz is accused of assaulting two cops during a local direct action blocking the eviction of a family living in a social apartment.

Grecja w Ogniu collective


We are calling all participants of the anarchist and tenants’ rights movements to show their solidarity with Lukasz, all evicted tenants and victims of police brutality. We are meeting on 7th May at 1 p.m. in front of the jail on Mlynska Street in Poznan.

Stop violating tenants’ rights! Stop police violence! Stop evictions!

Please send letters to Lukasz (he speaks English):
Łukasz Bukowski s. Zbigniewa
Areszt Śledczy w Poznaniu
ul. Młyńska 1
61-729 Poznań, Poland

(source: https://insurrectionnewsworldwide.com/ )

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