[Fanzine] : what is security culture ? [ENG]

This is a reprint of a guide called “What is Security Culture?” published by the CrimethInc collective. As far as we know, it first appeared in their book Recipes for Disaster: An Anarchist Cookbook and then appeared in a slightly updated form in 2009 on their website, Crimethinc.com.
We’re reprinting this because the information contained within cannot be shared enough within our communities. Over the past several years, we’ve seen various instances of anarchists getting serious federal charges. Eric McDavid was entrapped by a federal informant — Anna — with whom he hatched a plot to blow up a dam and was later sentenced to several years in prison. At the 2008 protests against the Republican National Convention (RNC), several folks were entrapped by federal informants — Bradley Crowder, David McKay, and Matthew Depalma. While one certainly can’t say that more easily accessible information on security culture would have prevented these situations, it seems that the more widely available the information is the safer we will all be.

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