[Fanzine] : baloon banner manual [ENG]

¨This manual describes in detail how to coordinate a balloon banner, using two weather balloons, and a screen & fabric banner between approx 150sq ft and 350 sq ft. For smaller or larger banners, the same principles apply, but obviously the timeline, action team size, number of balloons, and amount of gear/equipment will need to be adjusted. A note of caution: Balloon banners should not be attempted in high wind or severe weather conditions. You should never walk with a deployed balloon banner, or plan to move the banner over a large distance- it’s too hard to walk with the balloons safely. Finally, for safety reasons, it’s not a good idea to deploy a balloon banner in a high-tension situation- where there are threats of police action or the crowd is unpredictable.¨

click : ballon banner manual

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