Malaysia: Fire at anarchist space Rumah Api, solidarity needed for repairs [ENG]


Rumah Api caught on fire on the morning of 19 July at 7:00am. We did not know what actually happened and why even though there is witness saw one guy, who always sleeping downstairs, sitting at the couch before the fire started.

We at Rumah Api saw this as more as an accident then an act of sabotage. We won’t speculate any wild rumours so internet people need to calm the shit down.

The fire has destroyed the entire building electrical system and partially damaged one motorcycle belong to one of us. According to the source, the cost of wiring and reinstall the electrical system is RM5k.

With the eviction news is around the corner, Rumah Api need to get back to it’s feet as soon as possible. We need to get organised against the highway and this fire disaster should not kill our spirit.

We would love to thanks friends solidarity from all over the world, who still believe a better world is still possible. Any friend who want to donate for recovery process, here the details:

For donation
Paypal to: (Please write a note “Donation to RUMAH API)
Maybank (Msia): 162049046957 (Yazman Bin Yahya)
Or you can contact us directly at:

Never give up, never surrender!

-Rumah Api-


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