Turkey: About the attempted military coup in Turkey KKE [ENG]


The military coup in Turkey, although a failed one, means new more reactionary developments for the Turkish people and the peoples in the region.

Internally it means a period of purges and reactionary reshuffle for better control of the army and weakening of the opposition. For the people it means a new period of oppression by a regime with fascist characteristics that has shown repeatedly how hostile it is towards popular interests, democratic freedoms and popular struggles. It is a regime that gags, jails, tortures and kills. It is a regime that persecutes and sends underground every progressive, democratic or communist voice.

The worst of it is that in this new reactionary purge the Erdoğan regime will exploit the mass popular mobilization against the coup. In this difficult and demanding period the task of the people and every left and progressive force is to struggle in defense of the people’s rights and their democratic freedoms, to struggle against imperialism and its puppets who have transformed the whole region into a field of war and unspeakable horror.

We call the Greek people to express their solidarity to the suffering Turkish people. To condemn the reactionary plans against the peoples of the whole region. To condemn any attempt to exploit the coup against the interests of the Turkish people.

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