Greece: We Will Defend Housing Squats [ENG]



The evacuation of squats in Thessaloniki by police, the mass arrests of comrades, the demolition of the Orfanotrofeio (orphanage) building, as well as the organized smear campaign against solidarity to refugees, leave no doubt that: the Tsipras government is a star pupil in the subject of power. The combination of brutality, cynicism, and lies, is the fundamental condition for governance as we know it. The close links with church business is but the theocratic icing on the cake of wretchedness.

The campaign initiated by mayor Kaminis (aided by New Democracy, the media, and minister of police Toskas) shows that Thessaloniki was not an isolated incident, but the beginning of a large scale repressive stack against the movement of solidarity of refugees. Through crass lies (of the variety used on such occasions), an attempt is being made to turn white into black, and to pave the way for repression.

Refugee housing squats are a nuisance to the state apparatus and to networks of power. First of all, because they demonstrate a different approach to social organization and to the individual stand of everyone. Against the dominant “everyone for themselves”,these self organized initiatives make tangible “all for one and one for all”. Against racist segregation and self interest, we propose the unity of the oppressed, offering a helping hand, and selflessness.

Refugee housing squats are even more of a nuisance because they are the successful implementation of a different approach. It is clear that the state plan for providing housing to refugees in camps outside the urban grid has completely and utterly failed. Wretchedness and violence is constantly being created – there have already been four refugee deaths in Elliniko alone… At the same time, the squats prove that refugees can be housed inside the urban grid, under dignified conditions. Where the state failed, self organization has succeeded! The most unequivocal proof of that is the fact that refugees leave the camps and come to live in the squats.

We have proven that we can live with refugees in our cities. We have proven that self organized initiatives can be more effective than state structures. Government policy alerts should rest assured that, if needed, we will prove that we can protect these initiatives with the same fighting decisiveness with which we created them.

HOUSING SQUATS: City Plaza, Notara26, 5th School of Exarchia, Petroupoli Botanic Garden, occupied former General Hospital of Patissia, 2nd Refugee Hospitality Space, Refugee Housing Squat Hotel Oniro

source: Refugee Accommodation and Solidarity Space City Plaza

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