Santiago, Chile: Anti-prison march in solidarity with imprisoned comrades, 25.08.16 [ENG]

The prisons are centers for extermination of the poor and those who fight against this system!

Today there are more than 40 political and social fighters imprisoned by the state of Chile and more than 80 social fighters have been killed since democracy.
The real criminals are directing states and companies and they are the ones who rape, torture and murder in police stations and prisons and kill civilians daily in their wars.

We do not forget Luis Alvial, murdered by the guards at the prison in Chillán on August 17, 2016; and the 81 who were murdered in San Miguel prison on December 8, 2010.

All the fighters who fell in the struggle against this system, PRESENT!!
Freedom to all revolutionaries worldwide imprisoned by the state terrorists!!

(via Contra Info)

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