Italy ,Rome – Communique from Anarchist Comrade Daniele from Regina Coeli prison [ENG]

Rome, Italy: Communique from Daniele from Regina Coeli prison

“Between these four increasingly narrow walls,

I cultivate my hatred of the system. “

If you are an anarchist get it into your head, if you have not done so already, that it could be your turn to end up in prison sooner or later, and that the paths that could lead you there are many.

If you are an anarchist, first, you have to be careful about what you keep at home: simple things, trivial or almost, become components of devices or explosives in the cops’ reports, a story we have also seen recently in Bologna with a comrade ending up in AS2 in Ferrara. Even books, pamphlets and leaflets, so-called “paperwork”, become proof of affiliation with terrorist organizations.

And then there are the classic conspiracy charges, usually 270a, that allow the guards to throw you inside without even bothering to provide “concrete evidence”.

In short, the roads are many, but the reason is one: being irreducibly aligned against power.

If I say this it is certainly not to complain about the iniquity of democratic justice, but to point out how easy it is for an anarchist to end up in prison, no matter how careful one is. Awareness of this risk should not scare us, just keep us ready.
So “Scripta Manent” was not at all unexpected but is a repressive attack whose only uncertainty was “when”, not “if.” An attack by the democratic regime against those who, within it, still refuse to submit to the values and morals of dominion by getting into in a conciliatory perspective of dialogue and compromise, but remain in open confrontation with power.

“The State is not thinkable without lordship and servitude … For the State it is indispensable that nobody have an own will; if one had, the State would have to exclude this one; if all had, they would do away with the State.”

After all, whether you end up there or not, prison is still in the path of an anarchist. Because it is a spectre that hangs over you, because it has taken friends or loved ones, or just because it is the foundation of this society that we hate (“repression is civilization”).

But the constant threat of imprisonment is not enough to stifle the rage we feel in front of the hundreds of thousands of animals killed and tortured every day, in front of entire ecosystems wiped out by the greed of technological society, in front of the millions of individuals forced into alienation at the workplace, held in vile prisons or concentration camps for migrants, and all the people killed by hunger and wars.

And how can you bow your head resigned in the face of the continuous interference of the State in our lives?

This society where everything has its price like in a shopping mall, where anything can be bought and sold as long as you have the money, this society based on profit no matter what the cost will always have an extreme enemy in who is not willing to trade their life and their dignity. Money is the only driving force of this system of death and misery. The State legitimates it, the police defend it, the newspapers give voice to its lies. Anarchists reject it and attack it.

Solidarity with those arrested, those under investigation and those raided in operation “Scripta Manent”.

Solidarity with those who are paying the price for opposing this system of domination in this world.

With those who under a leaden sky choose to bring about the storm.

For a world built on the ruins of this one.

“Charges upon charges, sentences upon sentences,

what counts is the hour of capitulation.”






Translated by Act for freedom now!

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