Poland: Come to ROD gardens in Warsaw! [ENG]

come to ROD-NOWHow is it possible that so few people find the way to us? Is it because
our green paradise is too well hidden in the middle of the city, and you
wouldn’t expect to find us among the jungle of fruit trees and polar
wild pigs? Maybe you’ve always been afraid of the thought to be so far
east/north, swimming in a radioactive river, and sunbathing on the
beavers treasure beach? Or you just don’t know how to get in contact with


ROD is a welcoming, inclusive place, organised ahierarchically from
below, on a way towards self-sufficiency, very much into DIY,
skill-sharing, anti-market economy, and anti-capitalist, too. After the
state repressions of last year, many people left the land of palaces and
bunkers, some came as well. Now heating season is over, renovations are
finished and summer began. In this beautiful area of abandoned city
gardens, you are free to bring/develop/realise your ideas, projects,
art, gardening and other initiatives.



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