Distri Resiste! on Tour in Germany – October 2017

Hi there!

The Distri Resiste! will be moving around Germany in October 2017.

Here below you’ll find the dates and places where you can find our distribution.
Stay tuned cause we’ll update this page every few days or so!

Friday 13 October – Leipzig

Konzert mit Dolphin Flight & Pussywarmers

Handstand und Moral e.V.
Merseburger Str. 88b
04177 Leipzig

“The Handstand & Moral is a self-organized, open and of course also a in general social emancipation obligated space in the merseburger street 88b in leipzig-lindenau. That means, that the Handstand is organized by a equal group of people, which depending on their possibilities and interests play part in the space and above all not because they have to but because they want to. That also means, that in general everyone is welcome to take part in our team and that the room is available for your own ideas. More information for participating and use of the Handstand you can find here.”

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