Poland : Support for antifascist comrade ! [ENG]

Support family of Antifascist comrade!

At the beginning of May 2016 our comrade Patryk Cichoń was arrested by British police under an European Arrest Warrant. Patryk is a well known anti-fascist militant notorious among nazi-boneheads in his city for his uncompromising stance against them in the past. Boneheads managed to convince a few of their friends to testify against Patryk and his friend for alleged assault and robbery. As it appeared later, his friend had very good alibi and had the charges dropped (despite being allegedly recognized by the “victim” and his friends), so Patryk ended up being sentenced on his own. The whole trial was an absolute travesty and Patryk as a young working class person was not able to afford a proper defense. He spent two months on remand in 2004 and was sentenced to three years in prison.
It is clear that this whole case was politically motivated and had only one purpose, which was to get rid of the core of the anti-fascist resistance in Patryk’s home town.
Rather than doing prison time, he decided to escape abroad and came to UK in 2005. He started his new life there, continuing to be involved in anti-fascist activity: organizing gigs in London, including United and
Strong Fest which has seen lots of great Antifa bands from all over Europe performing, and raising money for antifascist initiatives. He was also the editor of the ‘Skinhead Revolt’ fanzine, which was the first
left wing skinhead publication in polish. Patryk lost his extradition case and is being deported to Poland to
serve his sentence. He is leaving behind his 10 year old son in care of his younger brother D, who became his legal carer. As D has two small children of his own and is only money earner in the household, we are
planning to support him financially. We want Patryk to know that his son has enough money for school meals, clothes etc. and that his younger brother is not pushed into poverty as a result of looking after him.
Our aim it to raise 4000 pounds, which means we can send monthly payments to his son during Patryk’s incarceration.
Patryk was always there if others needed help and assistance, please make sure he is not left on his own now.
Fundraising is organized by Brighton Anarchist Black Cross.

You can use our paypal address:
thebottledwasp@riseup.net (please choose “payment to a friend” option and add a note saying “for Patryk”)
or our bank account:
Nationwide Acc.
no./Reference: 0321 / 704131186
[NB: The sender will need to quote this account number in the additional
reference section on their payment instruction]
IBAN: GB97NAIA07009333333334
Country: United Kingdom

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