Chios (Greece): Fascists attacks Soli Cafe [ENG]

Soli Cafe attacked again

In the past weeks we have been a target of many fascist attacks. A group attacking the cafe with sticks and stones, volunteers being attacked on the street, 2 bombs one of which was thrown at the cafe and the other under the car of a volunteer that was parked outside. The cafe has been raided 2 times by police since it’s opening and police constantly harass and arrests Soli Cafe volunteers on the street.

Saturday evening, April 23rd, there was yet another attack on Soli Cafe.
This time people broke into the back garden, destroyed the neighbor’s security camera and set fire to the garage. Luckily nobody was in the building at the time of the fire.
After the first attacks the owner of the house told us she wanted us to leave because she felt the situation was not safe anymore. On her request we started packing up and evacuating the building.
Soli Cafe was set up to provide a safe space for migrants where self-sufficiency was possible and self-organization was supported, if this is no longer possible at Soli Cafe we shall find another way to provide this support.

scfe(garage after fire attack)

We, the Soli Cafe collective, will not be intimidated into staying quiet and unseen.
Solidarity is not something that can be burnt and if anything we are now more motivated to continue building structures to help migrants be more independent.
We are still active on the camps every day distributing supplies and for this we still need support so please keep donating.
To all the people that have supported Soli Cafe we would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH.
If it was not for all that support the Soli Cafe would not have been possible.

Soli Cafe tea tent:
Soli Cafe collective is trying to find a small army tent that can be set up at one of the refugee camps as a tea tent. We are also looking for a beamer and sound system so that we can make a children’s cinema project.
We hope to have this project up and running by the end of the week but to make this happen we will need help.
Please spread the word and let us know if you have any contributions. We do not have an address at the moment to send packages to but we are working on it.

They can burn our building but they can not burn our ideals !
No borders, no nations !
Fuck fascists !


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