New anarchist translation project: Theory Without Borders [ENG]

theory without borders

Theory Without Borders is a project focused on promoting anarchist texts, theory, and analysis through translating texts into English in order to give their original authors a platform to access a larger audience. The anti-authoritarian left is an important voice that is often ignored or misrepresented within mainstream media, even if it is a major influence behind many contemporary global movements such as Occupy or Rojava.

We want to tear down the walls that stand in the way of global solidarity, allowing anarchists from around the world to be heard outside of the ever-present language barriers. This will both allow for greater dialogue within the global anarchist movement as well as helping give local groups an outsiders perspective on their unique situation. We also want to help spread news of movements that are often overlooked because they lack the language skills to spread awareness of the issues they face and so are unheard of outside of their locality.

Anybody that wants to help translate is welcome to contact us and be a part of the project.


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