Greece: Prisoners mobilize for prison reform in Korydallos Prison [ENG]


The current Minister of Justice Mr. Nicos Paraskevopoulos has not made any brave steps towards materializing his pre-electoral commitments. On the contrary to his progressive speeches and democratic declarations, he is responsible for the most violent intrusion of anti-terrorism units in Korydallos prison in the last decade, during which, tens of prisoners were tortured and endured unjustifiably violent and degrading treatment. He, along with the Council of Ministers, is responsible for this action which bears a particularly symbolic nature, chosen by the far-right inquisitress Xenia Demetriou, Prosecutor of the Supreme Court.

The prisoners in Korydallos prison, are not and do not intend to become those against which the government will continue to sell its leftist facade, while simultaneously the justice and rehabilitation policies are exhausted in celebrations for the media self-exposure of the secretary general of the Ministry.

The prisoners are stripped of their rights and come to face the arrogance of judicial impunity during all the stages of our detention. The only way to protect ourselves is to intervene on the legislative level. We are not asking the Minister for a political intervention into the judicial authority, nor new measures, whose implementation will be restricted by troika. We are asking for a minimum legislative intervention. Specifically we ask for the materialization of Mr. Paraskevopoulos’ pre-electoral agenda.


1. The extension of law 4322 for another year from the moment its proposition comes into force.

2. Suspension of prison sentences for remanded and convicted mothers of newborns, babies, toddlers and children of pre-school age. Implementation of restrictive conditions (alternatives to incarceration) without exclusions based on length of sentence and without making exceptions. No mothers and children in prisons!

3. Legislative provision for a 30-month upper limit for trials in appellate court (if the accused is a prisoner) since the day of remand. Give an end to the torture of unspecified sentences.

4. Abolish the law for cumulative prison sentences for any form of violence within prison or during furloughs since the law is very vague and the range of listed offenses is so wide that prisoners are forced to be given disproportionate sentences in relation to the offense they are actually being accused of.

5. Immediate integration of the prison hospital in Korydallos with the National Healthcare System in Greece

6. The right to conjugal visits for prisoners on the standards of European countries

From today 4th of July 2016 we plan to remain in the yard during the scheduled midday lockdown until our demands are fulfilled.

(via Athens Indymedia, translated by BlackCat)

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