Police Spies Out of Lives: We need your support around an Inquiry hearing [ENG]

Dear Police Spies Out of Lives Supporter,

Undercover Policing Inquiry hearing 5th April 2017

Public outrage at the undercover policing scandal has won us the Inquiry into Undercover Policing. The police are trying to reduce its scope and delay it.

People like you, who care about our democracy, and who want to be able to campaign for a better world without fear of infiltration and abuse, are needed to stand with the core participants.

They will be picketing the Royal Courts of Justice on the morning of the first day of this hearing (9-10am 5th April), demanding an end to the police’s pursuit of secrecy, and that the Inquiry release the cover names of officers and open the files held on those spied on.

Go to the picket, or support them from afar – find out what you can do here https://policespiesoutoflives.org.uk/picket-i-hearing-april17/ , and here https://policespiesoutoflives.org.uk/open-files-take-action/.

It has been a busy time at Police Spies Out of Lies. An extension of our funding has allowed us to step up and support 10 new people taking legal action against the police because of having been affected by relationships with undercover police.  Our website now shows the stories of six of these new people.

We are supporting these people, and the others we already support through their court cases and the preliminary stages of the Undercover Policing Inquiry. We are regularly producing briefings on the progress of the Inquiry which can be found here https://policespiesoutoflives.org.uk/pitchfordinquiry/inquiry-briefings/.

Thank you for your continued support!



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